Complaining on Facebook 101

In the last few months I’ve seen an increase in people complaining about brands and products and services on Facebook. All expecting to get resolution… yet most are not doing it right, so the company in question isn’t even seeing the complaint!

Just seeing complaints going nowhere grates me immensely! The person complaining is frustrated… the company in question is none the wiser… and the community manager is probably more frustrated than the client by the time they hear about it!! So in the interests of all parties concerned… here are some pointers for you to use… or not to use…

In fact, the same goes for compliments! Don’t expect to get a thank you from a company if you don’t actually let them know you’re happy! And believe me, companies love getting good feedback too… it’s great for morale etc.

Depending on where you complain on Facebook, you need to check the settings to make sure that the company can see it and respond:

1. If you’re completely fed-up, and you know you’re right… then post on your own profile, but make sure that the company or product page is linked properly… choose the proper Facebook account too, not random fake ones that exist on Facebook. It should look like this:

2. Make sure that your privacy settings on the post are set to “public”. If you set it to friends only, don’t be surprised when no-one gets back to you. In fact, stop bitching. You can always change the settings on a post too… just press the privacy settings button and change it… and yes you can change that on mobile too. Also make sure that you’ve allowed people following you to comment so that they can actually answer!


3. Go to the company’s Facebook page and post a private message if you don’t want the world to see. This is a good idea if you need to give them contact details for any reason. DO NOT publish private information in a public space… especially account or ID numbers

4. Post a public post on a company’s Facebook page. If you do it this way, you probably won’t get the support of your friends though, because they’re unlikely to see it. If you want support, it’s best to do it on your own profile.

5. Make sure you’re right before you make it public or else you’ll be taken apart.

Feel free to share this with your buddies who are bitching in the dark. And if you see a friend doing this, either tell a friend at the company or tag them in a comment so that they can see it!

So please, I’m imploring you… complain properly or don’t bitch at all!

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Lunch at Milk Bar in Kramerville

I spotted this new place on an online wander a few weeks ago, so when a colleague suggested we go to the Exclusive Books sale today… I suggested adding a lunch and coffee at Milk Bar to our plans.

The Exclusive Books sale idea flew straight out the window when we drove past the masses queuing down the road to get in! It was going to be a 2 hour wait to get in, and a half hour wait at the tills… I’m not that desperate for books 😉

So, we headed for Milk Bar instead.

It’s on the ground floor of Katy’s Palace Bar in Kramerville… and is at the entrance to the antique and decor shop. While I waited for Kelly and Marco, I wandered through the shop… OMW I could have spent a fortune there, and in fact, I think I’m going to go back there to pick up a few decor items for my house. I was also most impressed with the artwork they had for sale… loads of black and white photos on simple canvases. And it just really made me realise that I need to get my act into gear and sort out my own photos and frame them! Lance has been telling me for years to open an online art photo store… I should just do it.

Anyhoo, onto the purpose of this post! To rave about Milk Bar! It’s not just a coffee shop actually… it turns into a bar when the sun goes down.

Isn’t the decor awesome?! Loved the old-school mismatched chairs and the thousands of pot plants in amongst the decor. This little alcove close to where we sat was my favourite little space.


The menu is simple, yet absolutely perfect for lunch or a snack. I really didn’t feel like a sarmie and it was too cold for a salad. So I ordered a flat bread with aubergine, buffalo mozzarella and pomegranate… I LOVED it! The pomegranate was perfect, although I thought it may be odd… it needed that pop of freshness to lift the taste of the dish. I also liked how the flat bread was cut into pieces to make it easy to eat and share.

If you’re wondering about the drink in the image… I ordered a Doubleshot craft iced tea. If I find it on a menu again, I’m definitely getting it! Loved the subtle lemony flavour.

It’s not a very big place, and it was pretty full this afternoon, which is great to see. A lot of people seemed to come in for a takeaway sandwich and coffee too… this place is ideal for the area which is sorely lacking in good coffee spots!

On that note, the coffee was great too!

Marco ordered their hotdog… which he enjoyed… that was interesting actually, I wish I’d take a photo of it. It was a bockwurst in a pretzel roll! Kelly wasn’t too enamoured by her sandwich, although we did tell her that there’s only so much you can do to make a cheese and tomato sandwich amazing.


It’s definitely worth going to, and I’ll be going back!



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Herolds Bay pitstop

On our way to the airport in George, the boys and I decided to stop at one last place… Herolds Bay.

It’s on the George airport road, so it really wasn’t far from where we were going anyway, and I wanted to see what that little spot looked like.

This beach is a whole load bigger than Victoria Bay. The rocks and rock pools and tidal pools would keep the kids busy for hours! The town surrounding the beach is also much bigger, but still has oodles of character! We drove along the little road right to the very end, and walked around on the rocks, and enjoyed the sea for a while… before it was time to head off again.


Gee whizz I’d love to do a few family and couple shoots at Victoria Bay and Herolds Bay, such amazing little beaches with perfect buildings as backdrops too!

And that, my dear blog readers, is the end of our Knysna trip…

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A quick stop at Victoria Bay

On our way back to Knysna from George, we stopped at Victoria Bay to have a look… because none of us had been there before. I’d read in the in-flight magazine how this little beach is a surfers secret… and I can see why.

It is truely beautiful!

A tiny white beach with loads of rocks for the kids to explore and a little road that only residents can drive down. There aren’t many houses along the tiny coastal road… but OMW I’d LOVE to go there on holiday! It would be spectacular. And quiet. And the kids could just walk to the rocks and have a ball.

And I could read. And it would be quiet.

Did I mention it would be quiet?

Jessica took some photos of me with the kids… just look how big Bradley is now!

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Picking strawberries and getting lost in a maze

We spent an entire day at Redberry Farm outside George. What an incredible place! It’s a strawberry farm close to the airport, and not only can you pick strawberries, but they have the biggest maze made out of a hedge, as well as train rides for the kids, and horse rides, and boat rides too! […]

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Sedgefield beach

The kids had walked to the beach on their own. They had been building sandcastles again. Then I got a phonecall from Bradley to tell me to come… and to bring towels. Crazy kids! It was freezing!   It was a huge struggle to get Connor and Katherine out the water! The older kids walked […]

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Exploring Knysna forests and the Heads with the boys

The day after the race, we took the boys (incl Ewan) to walk through another forest, and to explore the Knysna Heads. This time we were on a mission to find the “Big Tree”. The King Edwards VII tree, as it is known, is close to the Diepwalle Forest Station. The impressive Yellowwood tree is […]

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Exploring the navy boats

During the Knysna Oyster Festival, 2 navy boats were docked at Thesen Island. After reading about it on the website, we decided it would be a great outing for the kids. They were all very excited when we drove there, only to have their hopes dashed when the boats weren’t open! Even though the website […]

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Lunch at Cafe Throbb in Knysna

After a freezing and rainy morning walking around the Knysna harbour one day, we walked through the town looking for a nice coffee shop, and as we walked past Cafe Throbb we all decided that was a great place to stop. Most of us had a light lunch while we were in the cafe, all […]

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All about the beach and pizza and oysters

After the trip to the forest, we were all famished, so the Green suggested we head for Pili Pili Beach Bar in Sedgefield. What an amazing place! It’s right at the beach in Sedgefield, and is a proper beachy place. There’s sea sand on the floor, and has got so much character. And to top […]

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