The smells of summer and other random running thoughts

I run mostly on my own. It suits me that way. I need time to myself.

But after running out stressful thoughts, I still have plenty of time to think about other things… and mostly they’re quite random. Thoughts that crossed my mind running this evening, included…

  • I love the smells of spring and summer.
  • I wonder what else is in that garden other than the jasmine I’m smelling
  • Ooh that’s the smell of a Yesterday Today and Tomorrow!
  • Wish I knew more bird calls, I could only recognise the lourie… go-away, go-away.
  • Apart from that parrot… let me whistle back at him
  • Wonder what that cooking smell is… smells quite rich, but oh so yummy, damn I’m hungry
  • Glad it’s not Thursday… then all I’d smell is “dustbin juice” from the trashcans that haven’t been collected.
  • Wonder how white my legs actually look! (I was wearing new short running shorts and a vest… much less clothing than I’m used to)
  • Can anyone see the veins on my legs? Damnit, who actually cares, they’re looking 1000 times better than they did.
  • I wonder if my cellulite is wiggling on the backs of my legs as I’m running? Not a pretty sight for the people behind me.
  • I reckon I can make it up this hill without walking… oh better not walk… there are some walkers!
  • I should stop to help that dog get back into his garden. If I get to the gate, will he attack me? Oh well, there’s no bell on the gate, and the other dog barking isn’t making them look out the windows! Stupid people!
  • Water!!
  • Oh dear I’ve slowed down, I better get going again

Pretty random right?

Anyway, I do have to boast too!! I ran 12.4km on Sunday afternoon… Go me!! The route I set myself was just silly, and the hills were insane. But anyhoo, I made it. And I beat a LOT of my records in the process :)


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A girls movie night

Wenchy asked me to join her at a #girlfriendgetaway evening at Ster Kinekor on Wednesday evening. I must be honest, and say that I had so much work to do that I was actually not looking forward to it much… I should really have stayed at home to edit!

A Girlfriends Getaway event is all about girls. No men are allowed to book tickets for the show. The idea is that you go with your girlfriends, see a chick flick, get a gift… and have a girly evening out. It was awesome seeing Wenchy and Angel again, I haven’t seen them in ages!

We saw Begin Again.

“College sweethearts Greta (Keira Knightley) and Dave (Adam Levine) are songwriting partners who move to New York after he lands a deal with a major label. When he strays, heartbroken Greta considers moving back home to Britain.Before she leaves, she’s spotted on stage by a down-on-his-luck record producer (Mark Ruffalo) who recognizes her musical talent and opens up an entire world of possibility for both of them.”


Would I go to a Girlfriend Getaway event again? Not sure. It’s really awesome to have a girls night out and see a movie that husbands wouldn’t be keen on. If you’re going for the gift however, don’t bother… a box of tampons, bubble bath, shower gel and an old magazine (from August) is not my idea of a worthwhile hamper.

Would I recommend the movie? Hell yes!! I LOVED it!! And I’ve bought some of the songs now to add my playlists, I absolutely loved the music.

Begin Again is such an awesome story. I was expecting a love story, and I was pleasantly surprised by the way the movie unfolded. It was a bit about love, but it was about a whole load more… and it was a lot about music and the current music scene. I did feel a little cheated at the end though, I felt they could have told more of the end of the story.

A favourite song from the movie has to be this one… I can’t find the official music video, and I liked this version…

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening in the end, and was very glad I went!

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A day at the dam with a 50mm

We travelled… a long way… to get to the Vaal Dam today to spend the day with our friends. We left Joburg quite late because of a problem with tiles for the building… and because I ran 10km this morning for my #WeRunSoweto training… so we only got there late. Oh and because we completely misjudged how far it is! LOL, next time we’ll be wiser, and get going earlier.

It was SUCH an amazing day. The kids had an absolute ball, and we chatted and relaxed outside in the sun. In fact, both boys were so very sad when it was time to leave this evening.

I’m not going to blog too many photos, but today, I did what I’ve been doing in the last year. I took my camera with just my 50mm lens. I love the lens. It’s small and light and doesn’t make my bag bulky. However it is a challenge. In hindsight, a longer lens would’ve been awesome to use today… but nothing beats a 50mm for candid images.

We spent quite a bit of time on the boat… and the kids went on the tube in the icy water!

The kids also had a ball on the electric scooters, and got taught how to drive small quad bikes… so much fun was had by all.

You know what the best part was… the kids running around outside and exploring and just being kids.

We need more days like that.


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The tiling has started and I want to shop

Yes, we’re still renovating our house.

It’s finally starting to look like something, and I cannot wait for it to finish now. I promise I’ll post before and after photos then!

  • The screed has been laid, but not sealed.
  • The bathrooms have been gutted and re plastered. The tiler started yesterday.
  • The painting of the ceilings has almost been done… this is what caused the hold-up. We have wooden beams throughout the house, and we’re painting them white now… it’s not an easy job at all.
  • The painting of the wooden stairs and ballistrades has started.
  • The painting of the walls is in progress.
  • The old light fittings are out, but the new ones haven’t been fitted yet.

It’s a big job.

I’m describing the style of the inside of our house as “industrial farmstyle” LOL!

Now that it’s taking shape, I’m chomping at the bit! I want it done! I also want to shop!

All of a sudden, our furniture is feeling sub standard, so I’m thinking of making a few small changes to revamp the style a little.

I think we need new dining room chairs…

And new occasional chairs in the lounge with gorgeous new cushions to accent the rest of the furniture…

And new rugs so that the dogs have somewhere comfy to lie…

And a new funky mirror for the dining room… which I can’t find yet! Actually I’m thinking a wall of mirrors would be awesome.

And new artwork for the boys rooms… I just love Superbalist’s range of prints

But first, I need to replace all the blinds throughout the house!! Gone are the dark wooden blinds… and in with white!

I’m determined to make this house as light and airy as I possibly can! It will be a light industrial farmhouse!

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On track with my running

So remember last month I told you that I signed up for my first 21km race? The Soweto Marathon. Well, this month the training started properly. I should really started tagging my running tweets with #werunsoweto like other people are doing, but I keep forgetting! LOL! I’m kind of following a training program that I […]

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An afternoon at the Montecasino bird park

My mom and I took the boys to the Montecasino bird park yesterday afternoon. We haven’t been there in years! The boys loved it! We timed the visit so that we could wander around the gardens before we saw the show. First stop was the lorikeet cage so that we could feed the birds with […]

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Going up the falls with the boys

I took the kids to Walter Sisulu gardens yesterday morning. The aim was to climb up the “mountain” to the top of the waterfall. I’ve never done it with the kids before… I went up there years ago, and it was high time I went again. I’ve seen photos from trail runners who take photos from […]

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2 photos chosen for this year’s iPhoneography exhibition

I struggled to choose this year, like I struggle every year, and I’m thrilled that 2 of my photos have been chosen for the iPhoneographySA exhibition this year. These 2 were chosen, out of the 5 I submitted, by the judging panel: In the Still Life category… my rock roses from my garden. I love […]

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Balls and bowling and competing brothers

When Connor was smaller, taking the boys out for a game of ten pin bowling, or anything really, was pretty easy. Bradley would win. Connor would have fun. There were smiles and loads of laughter. As they’ve got older they’ve got more competitive, and Connor is now able to play properly against his big brother. […]

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Just dust and concrete and copper pipes

We’re a week into the renovations at home. So far, Peter and his crew have done the following: 1. Removed all the tiles in the passage and lounge and diningroom. In fact that was done by day 2! 2. Replaced the old galvanised piping in the boys bathroom, and nearly finished replacing the piping in […]

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