A morning at a Pokemon hunt

We drove to Walter Sisulu gardens this morning to go to the Pokemon hunt that I’d spotted being advertised on Facebook.

So did hundreds of other Pokemon GO addicts… and the gardens clearly didn’t get the memo, because they did not staff up the entry gates! LOL! We stood in a long queue to get inside.

Poke hunt 001

We actually had the most fun in the queue. The boys could reach 2 pokestops from the queue, and someone had put lures on them, so the Pokemons were flying around waiting to be caught. The boys caught plenty… before we got in.

Well, once we finally got in, it was another story entirely!! The mobile networks couldn’t handle the unusual traffic, and the signal was horrendous!

Poke hunt 002

No-one was there to admire the view today.

Poke hunt 003

I took a picnic blanket, and book and some yummy snacks, and plonked myself down half way between the pokestops and the gyms, thinking it was a good spot. Not so much, look at the grumpy faces… neither one of them could even get onto the app by then! Oh and the battery life on the phones soon disappeared.

Poke hunt 004 Poke hunt 005

The train of players weren’t struggling too much… all these guys were battling at the gym that was close to us.

Poke hunt 006 Poke hunt 007

It was actually an awesome morning outside, with lots of kids… and adults… running and walking around catching and battling virtual creatures.

Next time though, we’ll go if it’s better organised with the venue… and we’ll definitely take power banks! LOL!

If you’re wondering, there are hunts that I’ve seen advertised for next weekend at Emmarentia and Monte Casino… hope these places are aware of the LTE hogs that are about to descend on them en masse.


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A date with Connor

Bradley went to a friends house to watch a movie marathon (Harry Potter), and Lance met a friend in the afternoon… so Connor and I went out for a date.

He absolutely loves these alone times with me.

Our plan was to find milkshakes in Parkhurst and then to go Pokemon hunting at Delta Park.

Neither part of the plan worked out.

We ended up hunting for milkshakes after Craft had a 1 hour wait!! I was not waiting an hour for a milkshake. Then we couldn’t find another place in Parkhurst that had a table and milkshakes… you’d think that would be an easy task right? Not in Parkhurst… hardly any places even sold milkshakes, let alone had tables available on a Saturday afternoon!

We ended up driving to Linden, and had milkshakes and an enormous waffle at Gravity Cafe. I do like that place. We’ve had the most awesome breakfasts there, and they serve good coffee.

Connor date in the park 001 Connor date in the park 002

As for the second part of our plan… it was thwarted by the “always down” Pokemon Go servers. Sigh… as soon as 3pm happens and the US wakes up, the servers crash…

We ended up having an awesome screen-free walk in the park… and I managed to get some awesome portraits of my gorgeous son.

It was a good day. Simple one on one dates are so important to do.

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A day trip to Pilanesberg with the kids

I took the day off work to take the boys and their friend Ewan to Pilanesberg National Park. It’s school holidays and we haven’t gone away and they needed a break from FIFA 😉

It was such an amazing day out with them. We got to the park at 9am and left at 4pm! A full day of animal spotting. 

Pilanesberg is just over 2 hours from our house so it was completely doable in a day, although I was exhausted last night after all the driving. 

And guess what? The entire day (apart from the petrol) cost less than a trip to the movies would have cost! The park entry fees are so reasonable.

My favourite sighting apart was the black backed jackal that was sunning himself in the road as we came around a corner. My photos through the window of him were not great though 🙁 

Anyway, on to some photos because that’s why you’re really here…

This was as close as we got to hippos. This dam was awesome and had hippos, crocodile and Impala.

Pilanesberg trip 013 Pilanesberg trip 015 Pilanesberg trip 014 Pilanesberg trip 016 

We stopped at the Pilanesberg centre for lunch and had fabulous food at the Zebra Crossing Restaurant. This was the view from the deck with blue wildebeest in the foreground. 

Pilanesberg trip 035 

This was the funniest, this bird was waiting for titbits from Bradley’s plate.Pilanesberg trip 038 

We didn’t see many giraffe, in fact we saw more elephants!

Pilanesberg trip 042 

This is Mankwe dam. It was so very dry and the hide was very far from the water. Pilanesberg trip 057 Pilanesberg trip 055 

The views were just amazing! 

Pilanesberg trip 063 Pilanesberg trip 056 Pilanesberg trip 046 

We were so really lucky with our sightings of rhino. 

Pilanesberg bw 001 

And the Ellie’s! Oh how I love and respect them. We made sure we were really quiet close to them

Pilanesberg bw 010 Pilanesberg bw 009 Pilanesberg bw 008 Pilanesberg bw 007  Pilanesberg bw 005  

Loved this rhino crossing 😂 we saw many zebra crossings too though. I think this is possibly my favorite photo.Pilanesberg bw 002

It’s such an awesome day out with kids. 

They kept a list of everything we saw…Giraffe, Duiker, White rhino, Zebra, Hippo, Waterbuck , Wildebeest , Banded mongoose , Grey mongoose , Mountain reedbuck , Tsessebe , Warthog , Elephant, Impala, Eland, Black backed jackal, Chacma baboon , Vervet monkey, Secretary bird, Heron, Egret , Great egret, Francolin, Crocodile , Turtle, Sacred Ibis, Kudu, Springbok, Red hartebeest, Tree squirrel , Jameson’s red rock rabbit,  Steenbok , Gemsbok, giraffe 

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On the hunt for a new camera bag

I haven’t bought a new camera bag in ages. The Kelly Moore bag I bought a few years ago is a little worse for wear now, and desperately needs to be replaced. Now, I’ve been randomly looking for one for a while, but really, I cannot spend money on the ugly camera bags available in this country.

Seriously?! Why don’t any local bag manufacturers make women’s camera bags? I really don’t want to use a bag that shouts “expensive camera gear on board”! It’s a safety issue, not just a aesthetic thing.

Anyway, looks like I’m now going to have to import another one. There are NO ladies camera bags available in SA.

This is what I look for in a bag:

  • It has to be able to carry my DSLR with 24-70mm lens attached.
  • I also need to be able to carry my big 70-200mm lens for photoshoots.
  • It needs to close at the top in some way for safety
  • I want to be able to carry my wallet too, or it needs to have a wallet included in the bag
  • It needs to have a carry strap as well as a cross body strap. The cross body strap makes it easier for me to carry the bag and balance the weight during shoots. I don’t really want a backback… I’m not comfy with my stuff where I can’t see it (safety reasons).
  • I need pockets for car keys, tissues and memory cards.
  • It needs to have good support for my equipment, and preferable needs to be able to stand up so I can put it down without my camera falling over in it.
  • There are plenty overseas manufacturers that have women’s bags that are flowery… I prefer bags that look inconspicuous.

So, these are my top 5 favourite camera bags that will all hold my camera body, big lenses and maybe even a flash:

  1. Oxford by Kelly Moore Bags

I love the flap that goes over the top. The extra storage in the flap also appeals to me.


2. Monroe by Kelly Moore Bags

I quite like the fanny pack that is removable on this bag. I could easily hold my memory cards etc while I have a shoot. So handy for a long shoot!

Monroe bag3. Aurora by Epiphanie

I just love that this bag is genuine leather. It’s a classic looking bag and stands on it’s own too.

Aurora bag

4. Valencia by Epiphanie

This may be a little too big… but I do like it



5. The Capri by Ona

As you can tell by now, I’d love a bag that looks like a shopper. The ONA bags are also leather. I’ve got a feeling though, that this one will be too small. It doesn’t look like it’ll fit the lenses I need it to fit though


Gosh if I had the money, I’d buy 2. One bag for shoots to fit my lenses, and another one as a general handbag to fit my DSLR with a small lens. That would be ideal!

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The boys in black and white

I had planned on using these headshot type photos I managed to get of the boys yesterday afternoon, for another double exposure experiment today… but it really didn’t work out. So, a quick conversion to black and white… and I have awesome shots of them!! If you’re wondering, I made them stand on the pool […]

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The raw and the random of Snapchat

I signed up to Snapchat years ago, when it started, so that I could try it out. At the time I wasn’t enamoured by the app, and eventually deleted it from my mobile. Then a few months ago, I installed it again, and I’ve tried to get into it. I now snap every day, sometimes more […]

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The horrible mommy and the strong little viking

I was showing Connor snaps from the previous evening earlier today (meaning I’d posted them on Snapchat). One of the videos I posted was with him creating a helmet for his viking outfit for school.  In it, I said that he was making a helmet because he’d lost the helmet that we were initially going […]

Running like a duck

When I started running just over 2 years ago, I did as I was told, and went to a specialist running shop to buy proper shoes. If you’ve ever done this, you’d know that they watch you run in your old shoes, and based on that and looking at your feet and the wear on your […]

Kids inspired by Fifa Xbox games

The kids have played soccer at school for years. They’ve been keen on it, but not obsessed. That was, until the boys clubbed their pocket money together and bought themselves FIFA 16 for Xbox. They’re now properly obsessed. If they were allowed to, they would play FIFA about 20 hours in a day, with an hour […]

This is 13

His thirteenth birthday has come and gone. It was a whirlwind of the weekend filled with friends, and long nights… just what he wanted. We organised a sleepover with two of his friends… well “sleepover” is a stretch, because they played Fifa on Xbox for the entire night, lounging around on a massive bed we’d […]