Above him only sky

Above him only sky

Instead of posting the image on my blog directly, I thought I’d try out Flickr again.
I miss the Flickr communities actually… I used to be very active on the platform.
I also used to use it when I had a free blog… all my photos were hosted there, and then I just linked to them on my blog. It made sense then, because free blogs have such space restrictions, and Flickr’s space is extensive.

Once I used my own domain for a blog, I stopped doing that… there was no need to worry about space anymore.
I also found that loading my images twice, on Flickr for the communities, and on my blog too for blog posts, was a bit of a waste of time… especially once I found the bulk upload plugins that work so well on WordPress!

Maybe I should try it again… it is a bit of a schlep copying the HTML code across, so it makes more sense to do it for this blog where I don’t post as many images per blog post.

In doing so, I would get that community in Flickr again… and it should also force me to be more experimental again. I really need to start pushing my photography boundaries again.

If you’re wondering how to load an image from Flickr onto your blog… which you should be able to do from any public image on Flickr (and actually, to give credit to the photographer this is the right way to do it instead of stealing photos!!)… this is what you do:

1. Load the image onto Flickr… follow the screen directions after pressing “Upload”, it’s pretty self explanatory.

2. Select the image you want to embed in your WordPress or Blogger blog post

3. Press the share button in the right corner… it looks like a curved arrow

4. Under the normal social sharing buttons, there’s a section that says “Code”

5. Select the size of image you want, and then select the type of code you’re needing… by either choosing Embed or HTML. I use HTML for WordPress.

6. Copy the line of code that you’ll now see highlighted on the page.

7. Create a new blog post on WordPress, and select the “Text” option at the top of the writing panel.

8. Paste the HTML code in there, and then type up your blog post.

And voila!!

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Win : 1 pair of tickets to the Runnersworld Dog Run on 15 Nov!

Do you have a dog? And can you run or walk?

The first Dog Run is being held in a few weeks time at Walkhaven, my favourite dog place, and I have tickets up for grabs :)

I’ll be running (or I’m going to try anyway) with Kimo… Walkhaven is his most favourite spot in the world! Trying is as good as I’m going to get with him… he’s not great on lead with other dogs around, so we’ll see how we go.

Dog lovers unite, The Runner’s World Dog Run is heading your way on the 15thNovember, in association with Montego Pet Nutrition, in the beautiful countryside at Walkhaven Dog Park in Johannesburg!

Round up friends and family and choose between either the 3km or 6km distance run with your canine compatriot and look forward to plenty of great entertainment, music, picnic spots as well as lucky-draw prizes on the day!

Entries are R160 are can be bought at http://bit.ly/1tD6beq or on the day!

I have 1 pair of tickets to giveaway to this fantastic event which includes race entry, a doggie bandana, goodie bag, donation to Barking Mad, 3-month subscription to Runner’s World and a free dog wash, compliments of Comfortis!

Entries close on 10 November 2014, and the winner will be chosen randomly.

Winner to be announced on 12th November!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Busy weekends and disappointed kids

Connor and I dropped Bradley off at a lazer party at Brightwater yesterday. We stayed for about 15 minutes watching a bunch of guys on BMX’s do tricks in the skate park. They were LOVING having an audience. The kids were cheering them on, and clapping and shouting. LOL, it was too funny.

Of course I had my camera on me… I need to take more photos like this, I’ve missed it. Look at Bradley in the second shot, he’s the one leaning against the pillar… doesn’t he look so grown up?!



Connor was more than a little disappointed when we left… but we were going to friends for dinner, so he knew he was going to be entertained anyway.

Both kids were disappointed today again. They were invited to trick or treating at a complex… but I’m doing a wedding today, so they can’t go.

In fact, it’s my last booked wedding for the year.  When I told the kids that it was the last one, Connor said “Last one? Ever? Yay!!”

The kids are really over this lifestyle of mine. They do understand that’s how they get to go to the school they go to, and live the lifestyle we live… but it’s no longer good enough.

It’s making my heart sore.

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Renovation : Diningroom and lounge makeover

The best words I can use to describe this look is Industrial Farmhouse!

LOL! Think it’ll catch on?! I needed to come up with a name after I got some very concerned looks from friends when I explained what we were going to do with the house.

You remember my last blog post showing you the renovated bathrooms? Well, it’s about time I showed you a bit of the rest.

As I mentioned in my last post, and some of the other posts about our renovation, we needed to replace all the tiles because they were awful… and the big thing, the main thing, we aimed to do in this renovation was bring light into the house.

Our house was very dim with cream walls and dark wooden beams on the ceiling… and at night it was even worse because the light fittings in the house were terrible and didn’t light up the house at all.

This is what it looked like:

So, here’s what we did to the rest of the house…

1. Replaced the tiled floors with Cemcrete (grey Colour Hardener). We wanted the unfinished concrete look, so are quite happy that the floors change as they get older.

2. Replaced every single light fitting. This was a problem, because of the lack of ceilings in the house, and we were stuck with getting wall fittings, unless we rewired everything… so we opted for spot lights and managed to find something we both liked.

3. Painted every single wooden beam white. I think the builder cursed us a few times once he got going, he needed to paint them 3 times! And he did the entire house… this has made an enormous difference, and the whole house feels bigger and more airy.

4. Painted the dark wooden staircase grey. Strange, I know, but our other option was white, and that would not have worked with a house of boys and huskies. I’m thrilled with the stairs! They work so much better than I thought they would.

5. Painted all the walls a very pale grey (incl all the bedrooms and the study).

6. Replaced all the old inside doors and handles with new panelled doors… the cheapest part of the renovation and it’s made a huge difference!

7. Replaced all the brown wooden blinds with white wooden blinds (incl all the bedrooms and the study).

8. Replaced the old dining room chairs with new ones that I found online at Robert Thomson. I was about to buy similar chairs at Mr Price Home, and then found these. I’m thrilled I did, because these are so much more sturdy!

9. Bought new rugs and pale grey curtains from Mr Price Home.

10. Ooh and we replaced the old steel framed sliding patio door with a new aluminium door.

And this is what it looks like now…


See that old cabinet? It was our old teak TV cabinet that I’ve now repurposed into a wine cupboard… I found awesome wooden wine storage boxes that fit in the cupboard beautifully.

The persian rug that was in the dining room has been moved to the lounge to get more colour into the space… although the jury is still out on that one. We may move it upstairs to the study.

My Joburg skyline looks amazing under the new lights… oh and every single piece of art, apart from the images in the bedrooms are “made by me” :)

The passage is crying out for a new rug and the photo walls to get put up properly… with new frames and a lot of new images.


All this has made an enormous difference to the house. The house feels bigger. It’s airy. It’s light for the first time ever! We don’t even need to turn on all the lights at night to read a book…

What still needs to be done? The photo walls down the passage need to be put back together again… with new frames. We need a “something” to hang on the one huge wall in the dining room, it’s double volume, so whatever we choose needs to be big. We need a new piece of art for the entrance area because the old one is red and orange and won’t work there anymore. And then of course, we need to start thinking about replacing the patio and repainting the outside of the house!

So, what do you think?

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Cousins and friends in the pool

I didn’t have a shoot yesterday. I planned my weekend that way. I needed to run a long run to prepare for my 21km race… so knew that if I ran I would be too tired for a photo session. Instead we had friends and family over for a braai. It was awesome! The kids […]

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At the Pretoria Zoo with a 50mm

This is the second time we’ve been to the Pretoria Zoo… also known as the National Zoo. And this time, I could see what the fuss was about… other than the lack of decent food outlets. It’s quite a special place. They are renovating parts of it, and the lions must be chomping at the […]

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Earphones in

  Decided that I needed to take a photo tonight. Not the most artistic… but OMW I’m so thrilled at the difference in the light in the house! This was taken at 9pm, I could not have even bothered trying before the renovations… even with the fancy camera that I have.

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Kids in the water

It’s so hot today… and the coldness of the aircons at work are making go a little loopy! I took the photos of the kids a few weeks ago, when they were swimming at my parent’s house. How bad am I? To be fair, I couldn’t find the CF card that these images were on, […]

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Renovation : Bathrooms during and after

It’s about time I blogged about the renovations and shown you what it looks like now! We did quite a bit, from the replacement of the living room, dining room, passage floors, to the repainting of the whole house, replacement of all the doors and light fittings in the house, as well as completely renovating […]

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A love letter just for me

Connor, my cuddly child, loves writing me little notes. I bought him a new pencil yesterday, which he needed to test out… so he grabbed the first piece of paper he could find and wrote me a little love letter. I love these little notes. I should be keeping them, but taking photos of them […]

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