Bradley got the term merit

Bradley did it again… much to his surprise. He got the class term merit for this term. He really didn’t expect it. This year he’s actually had to work for his marks for the first time, it’s not as easy as it has been in the past. And we’re so pleased that his marks, although slightly lower than last year, are still awesome!

When he saw me at the back of the school hall, he got this massive grin on his face :) it was awesome to see!

So last night, we took the boys to the Spur to celebrate.

Connor was a little upset when he realised he wasn’t getting a merit, but we’ve promised that if his report is good (which it will be), that he’ll also get a treat next week. It’s tough being the little brother when your big brother always gets term merits and academic accolades… we’re going to have to be careful now and make sure that Connor is motivated.

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The boys on the steps

The boys were fighting and completely bored at home on Saturday afternoon, so they came with me to my photoshoot. It’s quite cool that they’re old enough now to entertain themselves in the park while I’m busy. And when I was finished I managed to get a few photos of them too before all hell broke loose again. I finished the shoot on the steps and they liked the spot, so that’s what I used… know that if I drew this out for any length of time, the moment would be over! LOL!



I do have good looking boys don’t I? :) I’m just a smidge biased! LOL!



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Peejays for malaria

I got the most awesome pyjama pants last week… yes, I know, strange blog post!! LOL! But I love them so much that I have to spread the word ;)

I got a pair of Goodbye Malaria pants… they’re bright orange, which wouldn’t have been my first choice. If you know me well, you’d know that orange is one of my least favourite colours. But anyhoo, I like these pants…
And I must say these are the most comfy pair of peejays I now own!

When I first heard about the pants, I did wonder how they managed to ward off malaria, and whether they were sprayed with something or something. However, it’s really a lot simpler than that.

50% of the proceeds from the sale of these cotton pants made from shweshwe material goes a fund which helps fight malaria in Africa. They’re using local entrepreneurs to manufacture the pants… and they are delivered in an awesome cotton bag too.

I love this idea, and the pants are so awesome (and they also sell teddies if you don’t wear peejays)… and I think they make the most amazing gifts and by buying them you’ll be helping to save a few lives.

I was astounded at the malaria stats that I found on the Goodbye Malaria website:

So, if you’re needing a gift that’s not a run of the mill item, buy a pair of these… I think they’d be fabulous gifts for overseas relatives and friends too! There are various colour options available.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to blog about this, I just like them

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An old house and the sea and sugar cane fields

I went away with colleagues for 2 days to Umhlanga. It was an action-packed 2 days, and I came back completely shattered. Of course I took my camera with me, so I managed to capture a few things for myself while we were away.

I only travel with one lens if I’m not planning on doing a photoshoot, so after a lot of changing of minds, I decided to take my trusty 24-70mm. I thought I’d be taking mostly landscape photos for myself so decided that would be my best option. In hindsight though, I probably should’ve taken my 50mm f1.4. It’s a lighter lens, and I could really have done the same things with it. I also ended up not resisting, and taking photos at a function we went to in the evening, and I really missed my flash and the f-stop!! But, it meant that I really could test my camera and discovered what it’s limits were… the photos I took at ISO20000 are ok, but grainy.

Anyway, on to the photos I took for myself…

I just love the rolling hills in KZN that are covered in sugar cane… I took this out the bus window.

We went to Westbrook Beach to have lunch at a place called Beach Bums… and I couldn’t resist walking across to this old abandoned house. I’ve been dying to stop here to take photos for years! ¬†Oh and btw, the fish and chips at Beach Bums was AWESOME and it’s well worth a visit. I should really have taken a few more photos of the beach there too.

Then after a few more stops, we hit the Durban beachfront. Apart from taking the kids to see Ushaka when we’ve visited Ballito, I actually haven’t been to the actual Durban beachfront since I was little. I thought it was clean, and well maintained… and full of life. Definitely a place I’d like to take the kids the next time we come down… although I guess in the peak holiday season it would be unbearably busy.

After an exhaustingly long day, it was time to unwind and relax at the hotel we stayed at in Umhlanga…

The next morning I took a few photos with my phone after my run on the promenade… yes, I actually ran 5.5km instead of getting up at sunrise for proper DSLR photos like I would usually have done! LOL!

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Nice books and a Nice breakfast

I went to a industry breakfast on Friday morning in Parkhurst, and I loved it so much I had to take photos of the place we went to! The breakfast was held in a small independant bookshop in Parkhurst called Nice. Next door to the bookshop is the actually Nice restaurant but I loved that […]

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Procrastination is the word

I’ll procrastinate a little… and blog instead of edit… and tell you a story about the word procrastinate… By the end of a long and busy day, the kids are always fighting and arguing about something. Tonight’s argument made me giggle though. Bradley must’ve read the word “procratinate” somewhere… and he must’ve decided it was […]

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Walking with butterflies at Kloofendal

We met Madelein and her kids at Kloofendal this morning for the butterfly walk. This is one of the many types of guided walks that are offered by Friends of Kloofendal, and it was awesome for the kids… and adults It was the first time my kids (and me) had done one of the day […]

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Running in circles

I haven’t blogged about my Run Walk for Life journey since I started really, and it’s probably about time I’ve been inspired by a few other bloggers who are journaling their fitness journeys and I’m going to do the same thing. This running thing is a big thing for me, I haven’t really done much […]

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The perfect morning

Madelein phoned this morning, and all of a sudden we had plans (apart from the photoshoot I had this afternoon). I bundled the kids into the car, instead of going grocery shopping, and met her and the kids at Walter Sisulu gardens for a walk and a fun morning. What an awesome time we had! […]

On school socials and speeches

It’s a bit of a mixed bag of a blog post tonight… but both topics are about Bradley so it kinda makes sense Tonight was his school social. It was the first year that he’s been able to stay for the full social… which ended at 9pm (the younger kids have to leave at 7:30pm). […]