Ending the year on a running high

Entering a 21km race happening at the beginning of January seemed like a good idea at the time. In reality this means that while everyone around me is slothing around on holiday, I’m hitting the road trying to get my running in!

I’ve realised that I haven’t done a running update on my blog in a while… I had a slow November apart from the Soweto 21 that I did, so it seemed pointless to do a blog post about it.

This month I started training properly again, and in the last week I’ve run… a lot.

Last Sunday I got talked into running my first trail run (well, one that wasn’t a park run). I met Darren (@dazmsmith) and a few others from a trail running group at Emmarentia, and we ran along the spruit to Delta Park… around Delta Park and then back along the spruit to our cars. It was 10.8km of awesome fun!

I’m glad I got talked into it. It was a great break from the road.

I was worried about not keep up with them, but I needn’t have. Turns out I was in the middle of the group the whole way, and we stopped often to let everyone catch up.

Then on Tuesday, I did the Pirate Hat Race, also known as the Wobblers and Wigglers race. That was great fun! It wasn’t so much fun to get up early on a public holiday when the rain was softly falling… but the 8km race was worth it. The idea is that you can only run if you wear a hat… so a santa hat it was.

There’s only one water point in the race, so I was grateful that it was a chilly day. This water point is also unlike other races… there’s beer on tap! So, I had to have some of course ;) and then ran the next 4km with the beer jiggling around in my tummy! LOL!

After the race, while drinking a coke to get a bit of sugar into my body, I had a thought. When I started this running lark in January, I really didn’t know very many people running. Through RWFL and Twitter and Facebook, I now know a lot of people and I chat to a lot of people at the various races now… not just my fellow RWFL runners. I love that!

We’re all just as crazy as each other, to get up at the crack of dawn on Sundays and public holidays and run races in the rain.

I’ve ended the week with a whopper of a run too! This morning I got up early and ran 15km :)

I should be ok for this 21km… although I doubt I’m going to beat my first 21km time… I’m going to have fun in the process.

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Win a selfie stick!

I’m not the best selfie photographer, this we all know, so I was thrilled when I was asked to try out a selfie-stick!

It’s basically a long extendable pole  that you attach to your phone, and you take photos with it! It makes your arms extra long ;)

There are a few types of selfie sticks on the market at the moment, and I quite liked this particular version because the shutter release button is on the stick itself, so there are less parts to carry around.

The selfie stick is a short stick that fits into your handbag, or manbag, and it extends to just over 1m! You charge it with the supplied USB cable, and after 1 hour of charging you’ll get approx 100 hours of fun. It connected to your phone via bluetooth.

We’ve had a ball playing with it! The kids fought over it and my mom got quite excited about it and said she needed it for her travelling!

We were thinking that there are endless uses for it, apart from selfies, including taking photos over crowds trying to see a painting like the Mona Lisa, taking photos at a concert, spying over walls and even around corners!

Using a selfie stick is so much easier than trying to make your arms as long as possible!

It’s also an awesome gift idea for Christmas, so if you’re still trying to figure out what to buy someone that is selfie mad or travels a lot or goes to plenty music concerts… this is the thing!

You can buy the selfie stick online for R399.

They work on iOS and Android phones are available in black, pink or blue.

Selfie-sticks.co.za have given me one selfie stick to give away on my blog! How cool is that?!

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An afternoon at TheSheds@1Fox market

I went to the new market at TheSheds@1Fox yesterday. It’s in the heart of Johannesburg CBD in old dynamite warehouses dating to the 1920’s! It’s an amazing setting for a market.

It’s open from Thursdays to Sundays at the moment, and if I worked in Jozi I would be there every Friday lunchtime!

What I loved…

1. The setting. The old buildings. They’ve gently restored the old buildings and kept the character.

2. The food. The stalls are amazing! I tried a few things from quite a few of the stalls, and I wasn’t disappointed with any of it. The pork belly from Black Sam Smoque was amazing… I wasn’t too wild about the beans but then I didn’t expect them to be hot. The samoosas from Shireen’s were yummy. The flas breads and humus from The Real Wrap were the perfect starter. The flamme from the one place I cannot remember the name of was yummy… especially the one with bacon on it! And finally… LOVED the Cookies and Cream ice cream from Paul’s homemade ice creams… yes I actually ate ice cream ;)

3. The flower stall as you walk in made me smile. Loved all their proteas.

4. The space. Love that there’s so much space to sit inside and outside.

5. It’s not that full yet, so it would be cool to go to with the kids…. overly crowded places stress me out when I have whiney kids with me.

How awesome is this collection of photos that was on the walls? Loved the open gallery type space.

Ooh this photo reminds me… take cash with you! Not all the stalls have card machines or Snapscan yet. I dearly wanted one of the t-shirts from Department of Squares but I didn’t have enough cash on me.


I see The Sheds have a Christmas evening on Monday 15 Dec… I’m hoping I can convince Lance that it’s a good idea… I think that would be awesome! An urban setting with some classic opera and market food FTW!

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Daily photo : Cousins in the pool

Taking photos of the boys is not an easy exercise anymore. They prefer making funny faces and photo bombing. And you just have to go with it.

Erin took a while to work out they were monkeying around while she smiled sweetly, but it didn’t take them long to rope her in on their antics.

Crazy kids!


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A morning at Kamersvol in Irene

I went to Kamersvol Geskenke in Irene yesterday morning with my mom. I must say, that if it weren’t for the tickets I’d won on the Lovilee blog, I probably wouldn’t have driven there because I had a jam-packed day… but we had an amazing time, and I’m so glad we did go! I’d been […]

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Keeping the kids busy

I’m not sure what the worst part of these stupid Eskom power cuts are? the horrendous traffic the pile of unedited photos that have to wait trying to work out what to cook… thankfully this isn’t too much pain for us because we have a gas hob, which is a lifesaver! I can make tea […]

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Urban Angel Cafe – a hidden gem in Boskruin

We don’t have many good food places in our area, we normally have to travel to get to awesome little cafes… so I’ve been dying to try out Urban Angel Cafe. Urban Angel Cafe is in the Boskruin Office Park… just behind the Boskruin shopping centre. In fact, to get to it, you have to […]

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Review : Hills Ideal Balance dog treats

The guys at Hills sent Kimo and Kitara a little gift… the best form of gift for huskies considering my dogs actually don’t play with toys   Kimo thought I was nuts putting an unopened packet with interesting smells in front of him, and I promise I didn’t tease him with it for too long […]

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Monochrome Monday : In the dark

Marcia has been doing Monochrome Mondays on her blog for a few weeks… and I’ve got a little bit of FOMO, so I’m going to join her The loadshedding we had over the weekend threw my editing plans out the window, and I’m now so very far behind. I also had very grumpy kids last […]

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I walked with elephants today

I went to the Elephant Sanctuary in Hartbeespoort today with my team at work. It was such an incredible experience! We got to touch, feed and walk with the majestic elephants!! I’ve always wanted to do this. Elephants are my favourite animal, so I loved every minute. I loved being so close to them… although didn’t […]