Walking around the gardens

It was our anniversary yesterday… 18 years! Can hardly believe it actually!

Anyway, it’s been a bit of a strange few days, so we couldn’t celebrate like we should have. Instead, we all went to Walter Sisulu gardens in the afternoon for a long walk. It did us the world of good.

Of course I took my camera along ;) I wanted to take photos for the Project 52 theme for the week… but I couldn’t JUST take that photo!



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3/52 – Light

We went to Walter Sisulu gardens this afternoon to get out of the house… and to find a photo for this week’s theme, which I’ve surprisingly struggled with.

I had such good intentions with the Light theme! The plan was to wait for the setting sun, and take the kids somewhere and get some photos of them with the sun behind them. Well, so much for that! This week was too busy. On Saturday the clouds came over mid afternoon and just stuck around. Then today, it was sunny and hot while we walked around the gardens… until we got to the strip of veld and the storm clouds arrived!

Plans thwarted again!

However, it did mean that I got beautiful soft light… perfect for taking photos actually, so I really shouldn’t complain… except for Bradley’s grumpy face! OMW I struggled to get him to sit in the veld, you’d swear I was torturing him! This was the closest I got to the photo I wanted.

I love the veld at this time of the year with the wild flowers everywhere. Actually maybe the light was just perfect because you can see the colours properly.

So in the end, my interpretation is… perfect light

The featured images from last week’s theme is up on My Four Hens blog

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Phones don’t sleep in bedrooms

When Bradley got his phone two years ago, we had an agreement that the phone doesn’t sleep in his bedroom.

This means that every night, before he goes to bed, the phone is brought into the lounge or our bedroom, and that’s where it stays.

To be honest, we didn’t always stick to the rule. He ended up charging the phone overnight because the Samsung’s battery was so awful, and we didn’t worry too much because he was really only playing games on the phone.

Well, now things are different.

He’s got my old iPhone 5 now, and it seems that his friends are much more active online. OK, I knew he was chatting on Whatsapp more, but OMW I had no idea how busy it got at night!

On Thursday night, he plugged his phone into my laptop to charge, and then forgot about it.

The phone only stopped buzzing at 10pm! There were about 3 kids actively chatting until that time.

It’s a school night, for crying out aloud.

He’s only 11 years old, and so are the friends he’s talking to!

What on earth are they doing awake at that time of night?

Seriously, there’s no need to let your kids keep their phones in their bedrooms at night. They need their beauty sleep. If they want it for an alarm clock, then buy them an alarm clock!!

So poor Bradley now has the rule strictly imposed… there’s no way that phone is sleeping in his room now.

On the subject of alarm clocks though, Santa brought awesome Lego alarm clocks for them…

They work like a charm. Not too small and they have a cool backlight to light up the time at night.

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Daily photo : Bird calls

Bradley’s fine-tuning his bird calling whistles.

He was strangely quite willing to let me take photos today, so I took full advantage for the 5 minutes it lasted :) he needed a head and shoulders photo for some passport project for school.



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2/52 – Storytelling

The theme for the this week of the M4HProject52 is “Storytelling” I must say I’ve been a little stumped with this theme. I’ve been looking at the other photos being posted in absolute awe… and sometimes with many tears with the beautiful stories being shared. I think it’s because I’m struggling a bit with things at […]

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A day at the Vaal Dam

We visited Danna and Ryan at their place at the Vaal dam today… and we had a ball! They’ve been there for most of the holiday and our kids have really missed their friends, so there was a lot of chatting and laughing and running and swimming and playing that went on. And we spent […]

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1/52 : Fresh

The theme for the first week of the M4HProject52 is “Fresh” After a grim, cloudy, rainy start to the day it ended up being gorgeously hot again… there’s no better thing to do in heat of the day, than jump into a cold pool to feel fresh again.   I’m actually loving seeing all the […]

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Scootering along

Connor uses a very old rusted scooter. His daily “thing” this holiday has been to go up and down the road on the sidewalk on his scooter in bare feet. It gives me the heebie jeebies watching him trying to stop and eventually jump off! He also refuses point blank to wear shoes to go […]

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A running review of 2014

So you all know I started running in 2014. I was the first member at the new Randpark Ridge Run Walk for Life that opened at the end of Jan 2014. My running’s not going to stop this year, that’s for sure. That’s not a New Year plan thing… I’m not into that. The only thing […]

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Daily photos : A man and his veggies

Every year I’m in awe of Oom Drik’s veggie garden, and this year is no different. We visited MIL yesterday in Parys, and Oom Drik took us to the back of house to show us the enormous cucumbers. They’re massive! They picked one last week which was 1.2kg! I tried to get the size of […]