A walk in Kloofendal nature reserve

The idea was to join the Wild Flower guided walk that was theoretically happening at Kloofendal, but there wasn’t a soul in sight when we got to the reserve. Most annoyingly actually! This isn’t the first time we’ve organised to go on a guided walk there, only for it to be cancelled without warning.

So, we decided to take a walk anyway… not that all of us were wearing shoes for a hike! LOL! I was wearing sandals, and Connor was in slops, which didn’t bode well for the loose stones on the steep hills.

It’s such a gorgeous place… and so quiet compared to the other local reserves. It’s definitely not as well kept, but there were signs that it was being cleaned up. Apparently there’s a volunteer organisation that helps clear the alien vegetation etc in the area.

We did see signs of animal life too, we walked past a few piles of buck droppings.

This plaque is on a wall close to the old gold mine on the reserve. It’s the old Struben mine, where the first gold deposits were found in Joburg.

After the walk, we had a picnic. The kids played soccer and cricket in the amphitheatre stage area… partly because they liked the echos, and partly (well mostly)  because the grass in the amphitheatre was covered in flowering weeds and therefore a carpet of bees!

The 3 twelve year olds…

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{Road to 13} camera avoidance

We went on a walk through Kloofendal nature reserve yesterday. I took this at the very top of the hill that we hiked up.

He really didn’t want me to take this photo… he avoids my camera as much as he can. Thankfully I’m quick… the moment was over in seconds.

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Win 2 tickets to ArtMode Cape Town in Feb

Are you going to be in Cape Town on 25 Feb?

Well, if you are, then you’d be able to win tickets to attend the 5th ArtMode event in Cape Town… I’m pretty bleak that I can’t experience it myself!

ArtMode is partnering with Mini Cooper Auto Atlantic for this event.

Venue:  Auto Atlantic MINI

Date: 25th February 2016

Time: 19h00 – late

The 5th edition ArtMode will bring together 15 talented artists, for an evening of iconic art, superb entertainment, great food and a truly unique experience taking place at an equally modern and surprising venue – the Mini Cooper showroom and on the Foreshore.

Goodluck will be performing on the night, and there’ll be food trucks and art and other bands and musicians playing, and it sounds like a whole load of fun to me.


Photo received from ArtMode

Get more information:

Twitter: @ArtmodeMusic 

Use the Rafflecopter mechanism to enter the giveaway, and I’ll randomly draw the winner (using Rafflecopter) on the 12th of Feb.

Giveaway doesn’t include flights 😉 so make sure you’ll be in Cape Town on that night!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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{Road to 13} Against the wall

I’ve decided that Bradley is changing too quickly, and I’m losing out on this change. I’ve been far too slack about taking photos of him. So with his permission, I’m starting a weekly series called the Road to 13. There’s about 13 weeks until he turns 13 years old.

I took these yesterday against my favourite wall at our house. Dragged him away from his headphones, YouTube and Whatsapp and told him to just stand there… and this magic happened.

He’s growing up too fast.

My little boy is not so little.


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A PB to start the year

I haven’t blogged about my running in months. Partly because there wasn’t much to say, and partly because I’ve just been plodding along. I ran my first 21km for 2016 today, and got my first medal for the year. It wasn’t my first race though… we got a water bottle at the last race. It […]

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This year’s family calendar

By now my regular blog readers know that I like printing my photos. I don’t like the idea of them living only digitally, and there’s something so special about printing them in some way. For the last few years, I’ve been printing A3 calendars for us, my parents, and my brother’s family. Until this year, […]

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Quiet light – a boy and his dog

The dogs have finally mellowed and enjoy pats and rubs from the boys. But even so, it’s pretty unusual for them to lie still long enough for a good patting session with the boys. Either they get fed up and walk away, or the boys get bored and look for something more exciting to do. […]

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Slacklining in the park

I went to Delta Park on Sunday for a photoshoot, and while we were busy we noticed guys stringing up a line between trees. I’ve seen the webbing set up in the park before, but never stayed late enough to see what they do with it. Evidently it’s called slacklining… and after Googling a bit, […]

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Quiet light – after a storm

I’ve decided to do another photo project this year. This one is less taxing than last years (I didn’t finish it), and nowhere nearly as taxing as a 365 project. I’m taking part in a project where there’s a monthly theme set, and then you take photos according to that theme for the month. So there […]

We climbed the mountain to see what we could see

… and all that we could see, was the other side of the mountain. LOL! Hope you now have that little song in your head too! I took the kids and their friends to Walter Sisulu gardens in Ruimsig yesterday morning, to climb to the top of the waterfall, and follow the trails to the […]