Going up the falls with the boys

I took the kids to Walter Sisulu gardens yesterday morning. The aim was to climb up the “mountain” to the top of the waterfall. I’ve never done it with the kids before… I went up there years ago, and it was high time I went again. I’ve seen photos from trail runners who take photos from the ridge, but didn’t realise where the trail actually was.

Of course, we had to exercise at the outdoor gym first ;)

How gorgeously blue is the sky?

Even though the veld was very dry and brown, spring flowers were starting to appear all over the place

I love the shapes of the rocks on the “mountain top”

After having a rest at the top of the steps, we decided to follow the trail. I was hoping to get to the very top, but Connor was miserable by then, and refused about 3/4 of the way up the next climb to take a step further. So Bradley carried on for a while to see if he could get to the very top.

We were so lucky to see the pair of black eagles flying around above the falls, chasing a crow. I only took my 50mm lens so it didn’t come out :(


It’s such an awesome outing for holidays. During the week the park is really not busy at all, and it’s also not an expensive day out!

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2 photos chosen for this year’s iPhoneography exhibition

I struggled to choose this year, like I struggle every year, and I’m thrilled that 2 of my photos have been chosen for the iPhoneographySA exhibition this year.

These 2 were chosen, out of the 5 I submitted, by the judging panel:

In the Still Life category… my rock roses from my garden. I love this. I’m going to frame it in white I think… it’s my favourite Printwild frame. I can just see this on the wall in our spare room at home… although I’m tempted to put it up for sale. If you’re wondering, it was edited using VSCOcam.


And this one of Connor’s grumpiness in the Portrait category…

I think this one will be printed on canvas. Oh and this was also taken in my garden! LOL! I think this one was edited using Noir.


The iPhoneographySA exhibition takes place in Sandton on 1 October 2014. See you there! I’ll definitely be there that evening :)

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Balls and bowling and competing brothers

When Connor was smaller, taking the boys out for a game of ten pin bowling, or anything really, was pretty easy. Bradley would win. Connor would have fun. There were smiles and loads of laughter.

As they’ve got older they’ve got more competitive, and Connor is now able to play properly against his big brother.

OMW today was a challenge!

I’m on leave for the week, and we’re not going anywhere because of the renovations. The idea is to take them out somewhere exciting every day.

Today’s plan was a game of Adventure Golf with old tickets I found in my bag. Win! Then to go to ten pin bowling… also at Brightwater Common. And then find somewhere for lunch.

All’s well when we start. Connor flew through the Adventure Golf course that he chose, and got a really good score with a few birdies and even eagles. By then end, Bradley was beginning to lose his sense of humour because he hadn’t beaten Connor on a single hole! Eventually he was sulking completely, and refused to finish the game and putted his ball into the bushes, and it couldn’t be found! Of the joys of the beginnings of teen hormones!

So, only one game was played. I wasn’t very keen to go through that again.

Then it was ten pin bowling. Connor had a whopper of a game again, and scored his very first strike! Bradley managed a spare in the game, and thankfully ended up beating Connor by 1 point… it was looking a little dire at some stage.

I decided to bow out the tournament then, and the boys played another game. Connor won. Only by 7 points. Bradley was NOT impressed.

However, in the end it became a bit of a laugh, because Bradley and I could not believe how Connor kept getting spares with the way he was bowling! He’d run up to the line, and then swing his arm, and twist it so much before the ball went flying away from his hands. The ball would bang around the lane from side to side, until it finally ended up slap bang in the middle of the skittles… every single time. It was crazy!

I actually asked Connor at some stage, whether he’d like to go for the pro lessons that are on offer for kids at Rosebank every Sunday, but he said no. Clever kid! He knows he’s more likely to get a high score with the lane fences being up, and being ignorant about form! LOL!

The only way to remedy the situation was for Bradley to choose a lunch venue. Connor was on such a high by then, that he really didn’t mind. Bradley was determined to get his own way by then though.

Bradley was thrilled. He chose Rocomamas. It’s his favourite burger joint… and Connor didn’t have a great experience there the last time with ribs that he really didn’t enjoy. Bradley was then in his element showing Connor how to order properly to make sure that he liked his meal this time.

And then equilibrium was restored again. I needed wine by then ;)

Hopefully tomorrow’s planned excursion will be a more level playing field, so I have less drama to deal with.

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Just dust and concrete and copper pipes

We’re a week into the renovations at home.

So far, Peter and his crew have done the following:

1. Removed all the tiles in the passage and lounge and diningroom. In fact that was done by day 2!

2. Replaced the old galvanised piping in the boys bathroom, and nearly finished replacing the piping in the guest loo.

3. Sanded the stairs and wooden poles in the ceiling, and the ceilings have been painted in the diningroom and lounge… this is being done now because of the scaffolding needed for the job.

4. Covered the entire kitchen in a layer of white dust… from the concrete and wood filing… OMW it’s going to take days to clean the kitchen properly! The rest of the rooms have been sealed, but we couldn’t seal the kitchen because we need to feed the dogs. I should’ve boxed everything in the kitchen, but I did not think it would get this filthy!

We can already see the difference these changes are going to make to the house! It’s already looking and feeling brighter and lighter… just with the ceilings now being white! It’s going to be big and airy when it’s done :)

However, as always when you’re renovating, there are already things that have cropped up that were unexpected. Although we knew the tiling was shockingly done by the previous owners, we didn’t realise how bad it was. The passage floor was riddled with holes. The steps in the lounge were completely hollow because they were too lazy to cut tiles for the steps, and filled the empty space with badly mixed cement instead! There are random electrical cables running through the floor too, and a few other issues that were found.

We have out work cut out for us this weekend though. Peter needs the shower tiles and our wall paint colours by Monday!!

The dogs are completely out of sorts, and have been on a kind of hunger strike for the week. Under the circumstances I think they’re doing ok though, and we’ll have to take Kimo on many walks to get rid of his energy and to make sure he’s feeling loved. Kitara is a little more tricky with her legs.

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A morning tenpinning with pros

I spent the morning at the Ten Pin bowling alley at the Zone in Rosebank. I took part in an invitational Pro-Am tournament – The Predator Cup! You’ll recognise quite a lot of the other 10 amateurs in the photos below, if you’re online a lot. It was so cool to see everyone again, and […]

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So much on the go yet nothing is going

There is so much going on right now, and I’m feeling quite overwhelmed. Again. This is a recurring theme on my blog, but I don’t actually blog about it as often as it really happens. I also don’t talk about it. Very few people actually know what’s going on. I rarely talk about what’s really […]

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Hey Mom I’m a dog

We all go outside in the evenings when we get home, to give the dogs a lot of love. Especially Kitara… she tends to just stay outside now, she hardly ever comes inside, and I think she’s exceptionally lonely. She’s really missing playing and jumping and running around the garden. After Bradley gave her some love… […]

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How my blogging and online life has changed

I’ve been blogging for a while. In fact, I started my first blog when I was pregnant with Connor, so it’s been 7 and a half years. And, I’ve been on online forums for longer than that. Yesterday on Twitter, I started following another sports brand and it got me thinking. My interests have changed […]

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Connor and the headphones

This is Connor’s favourite thing right now… wearing headphones and watching Minecraft YouTube videos on Stampy Longhead’s channel. Do you know that guy has almost 3.4m subscribers?! The other day I saw a tweet in my stream punting Minecraft, and it said something like… You get instructions with Lego, but you only have your imagination […]

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Not that much running happened last month

July was NOT a good month for running! After the 10km race in June, I picked up an ankle injury… and then after I went to Zimbabwe for a wedding, I came down with hectic flu. I was really out of action for more than 3 weeks! So July’s stats are not the most fabulous […]

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