New school milestones unlocked

This week was a big week in our household. We unlocked two school milestones.

Connor started senior primary and Bradley started his high school career.

I’ll talk about B first because there are no photos. He’s gone from a tiny school with 60 odd Grade 7’s to a government high school with over 300 Grade 8’s. Not only that, but he’s one of only two kids from his old school to go to this school. There’s a lot of newness and strangeness in his life right now.

And he’s handled it beautifully so far! OK, we’ve only got through one day, but still. He got home with a smile on his face… and that is just awesome!

They have a few days of orientation with the school prefects to get to know each other, but nothing hectic like we had to do as kids. School starts properly after that.

Connor’s first day was yesterday and he’s been looking forward to it for weeks! You see the school has the most amazing tradition when the kids move from junior primary to senior primary.

The short walk!

The short walk takes place after the first assembly. The entire school, and parents, line a pathway that goes around the whole school, and leads them to their new classrooms in the senior side of the school.

A bagpiper leads the way, and they follow the headmistress while the whole school cheers them on. It’s not really a short walk… they almost walk around the whole school.

Look at his gorgeous happy face!

It’s such a beautiful thing to see, and the kids absolutely love it! Of course, I always have a tear or two too 😉

It’s also really cool to stand behind the other kids who are cheering them on. The tiny Grade 1’s are in awe of this procession, and the big kids cheer the loudest.

So now that the excitement of the first days are over, it’s time to settle down and start working I suppose.

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Thoughts about running in the rain

I do love running races but running in the rain isn’t something I like doing.

We ran Varsity Kudus 15km this morning from Wits University. It’s the first race of the new year in Gauteng, and this was the second time I’d run it.

I must say I was a little worried. It’s the furthest I’ve run since my injury, but it went really well. I’ve got a slight niggle but not too bad. I shaved 3 minutes off my time! I’m very pleased about that!

The rain however didn’t stop. It was freezing cold and we had light drizzle for most of the race. Well, until I got to about 10km or so, and then it started pouring! The rain was pouring off my visor and I was soaked to the bone. By the time I finished my socks were soaking wet and I sloshed my way back to the car. I’m hoping my shoes don’t take too long to dry out!

So apart from these photos I took at the start, I didn’t use my phone. I was trying not to break it.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

I ran the race on my own. My normal running buddies have got a marathon really soon, so they’re clocking up much more miles than me and didn’t do the race.

I pondered about quite a few things while trudging up those crazy Westcliff hills, but most importantly, I thought about a few things I need to remember for Two Oceans Marathon. In 2016 we started the race in the rain, and if we have weather like this race today, I’m not going to enjoy it. I can only imagine the crazy blisters after running 56km in wet shoes.

I think these things will make life a little more bearable if we have to go running in the rain:

1. Get a few throw away ponchos from Dischem. I keep forgetting to buy them, and rubbish bags are really awful to use (and they don’t cover your head). It’s mostly for waiting for the race to start… at Oceans you walk for miles to get to the start and to get soaked before the race even starts is the pits! 
2. Pack a full set of clothes to change into after the race. I only packed a spare t-shirt and tracksuit top, but my pants were soaking wet so I was cold all the way home.
3. Pack a fresh pair of socks and another pair of running shoes. I only had a spare pair of socks, which was pretty useless with soggy shoes.
4. Remember the sun visor… this was a lifesaver! Thankfully I didn’t have the rain in my eyes while running.



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The laziest quietest holiday in years

I’ve got one more day left of my leave. Time has flown, yet it’s been the quietest holiday I’ve had in years.

Normally, I pack our staycations with outings and activities, and we’re busy from morning to night. This time, however, that hasn’t happened.

We’ve slothed around at home most days. In between cleaning (because Beauty has been on holiday), we’ve swum, read books and played Xbox games. We’ve been to a few movies, gone ten pinning and played adventure golf.

The kids have had a few friends over for hangouts and sleepovers. They’ve also had a few stay-awake-all-night sessions which always means an extra quiet day the following day.

The dogs have been in their elements! We’ve walked them every day. Well, sometimes it’s been a walk, and other times we’ve taken them on 5-6km runs. They’re really going to miss it when our daily normality returns. We’ll have to make a plan and run with them at least once a week.

I’ve started running again! Apart from the dog runs, we’ve been running with Boskruin Running Group and Born2Run on weekends. My legs are still not too happy, but I’m now up to 9km runs. I’ve got to start pushing it now so hoping my legs sort themselves out. I don’t have too much time before I run a marathon again.

I’ve put away my phone for few hours most days, and just been present. Apart from the odd photoshoot, I haven’t even used my DSLR! It’s actually shocking LOL!

Most of my social media peeps haven’t even seen what we’ve been up to, because I’ve been posting the random updates on Instagram Stories, so they disappear after 24 hours. I’ve actually updated my Instagram settings now so that my photos from Stories save to my camera roll immediately so that I don’t actually lose them.

I think this proper break was just what I needed (it’s also what my bank balance needed too!).

One more day… a picnic is planned… and then it’s back to work I go.

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All I want for Christmas is new legs

I’m so very despondent about my running at the moment. Actually, I can’t even call myself a runner. All I’m thinking about for Christmas is being able to run with new legs, or rather legs that feel like they work!

You see, I hurt myself waiting for the Soweto half marathon to start. Yes, you read that correctly, while I was waiting… not even while I was running. Then… after I twisted my leg, I ran 21km.

Well, that was that. I’ve messed up my legs in the process. Since then, I’ve been getting weekly treatments for my hamstring issues… and not running. Every week, I get dry needled and then strapped. I’ve tried running around the field and that was painful, and then last week Thursday I decided that enough was enough. I needed to run. So I joined my RWFL buddies for a 4km run. Hmph well that was the plan.

Mike (SBR Sport) had warned me to go slowly, and that’s what I did. The problem was the long steep 1km long downhill. My leg just wasn’t happy, and in fact, I felt shin splints then. I ran again with Kimo on Saturday and this time it was better, but I wasn’t going down a steep hill.

I went back to Mike today, and now my legs are basically covered in pink tape. My shins, one of my quads and both hamstrings.

Seriously?! Can it get worse?

I’m supposed to be training for a marathon! I have to run a marathon in under 5 hours to qualify for the Two Oceans ultra marathon, and I can’t even run down a hill anymore.

Mike does reckon that I need to start running again though to get my muscles back into shape. So, I’m going to start tomorrow. Running uphill and walking downhill until my hamstrings and shins start behaving again.

I’m so frustrated! This is going to be a very long road to get back to the level I was running at.

It’s now only looking like I’m going to be able to run the last possible qualifying marathon before Two Oceans. That was not my plan at all.

All I want to do is run!

This is also not doing my moods any good, running is my therapy. Running my time to think. It’s my time to chat with friends, and it’s the only real time I get for myself. I miss it.

At this stage I’m feeling like it’s never going to come right, and I just want new legs now.

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