Have you entered the iPhoneography competition yet?

Every year round about this time, I trawl through all the photos I’ve taken on my phone over the year, and choose photos to submit to the iPhoneography competition.

If you’ve never done it, you should.

This year’s competition is about to close, the entries close on 4 September 2015. So there’s still some time to take more photos with your phone, edit them (on your phone) and choose your best images. There are 5 categories this year: abstract, still life, portrait, scenery, and my SA.

I’ve submitted photos every year, and my walls at home are filled with art workĀ that’s been printed as a result of the competition. There’s something so magical about seeing your photos printed and displayed in a gallery with hundreds of other pieces of art.

Even if you don’t win… which I never do… the experience is incredible. It’s an awesome night, and Lance and the boys have loved coming with me to see my photos on display (and my parents have come to support me too which has been amazing)

I’ve learnt over the years, to choose the photos that I’d like to see on my walls at home… because that’s where they end up šŸ˜‰ and often guests are amazed that they’ve been taken with a phone.

This year is different though, I can’t enter the competition! You see, I’ve been asked to be one of the judges . How cool is that?! I’m under no illusion about the amount of work it’s going to be, but I’m really so pleased that I was asked. Check out all our bios (I should really “sell” myself better šŸ˜‰ )


Because I can’t enter the competition, I thought I’d share what I had been thinking of submitting… the hardest part for me is coming up with a caption for the photos, so I’m so glad I don’t have to! LOL!

Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with h3 preset

So, are you taking part? I’d love to know!



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Wavy kinks are driving me crazy

I’ve had fights with my hair over the last number of years (mostly because of hair loss and the grey that’s creeping in quickly), and this year (probably partly due to Roaccutane), my hair is changing and I’m struggling with it…Ā my hair is getting thicker again (I had hair loss problems a few years ago and then again just after I started Roaccutane). AlsoĀ my hair is getting wavy again, like it was when I was younger.

My hair stylist, Kendra (who is crazy awesome), has been cutting it with a longer fringe over the last few months to update my style, but I can’t style it… no matter what I do it looks frumpy because of the weird curls.

It’s probably not something I should be complaining about, and Connor has made me very aware of it.

I haven’t really said anything aloud about my hair in front of the kids, but last week the other evening I was telling my mom that I was going to chop it all off again and get a ultra short pixie cut.

Connor was listening, and quietly said, as he reached up to touch my hair “But mom, I like your hair like this”

And then again last night, before he went to sleep, he reached up to play with my fringe which is now pretty long, and told me again how he likes my curls.

Sweet boy and so very wise :) those 2 statements by him have made me realise:

1. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside because he still sees me as really beautiful.

2. He can’t remember me having long-ish hair!

3. It also brought home the whole notion that my body image and the way I talk about myself is so important for the boys…

I’ve made an appointment at the hair salon on Friday, now I’m wondering what I’m going to do! I’m definitely covering that crappy grey that I can see in the photos my mom took this evening in her garden!! LOL! Wish I could pull off the dyed grey look actually, but I do think I’ll look really old then.


Also, I’m so glad we made the effort to take these photos :) I haven’t got many photos with me and the boys.

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A picnic in the park

It was my sister Elaine’s birthday last week, so we all went to Delta Park today for a picnic to celebrate.

It was a gloriously chilled sunny day filled with family, friends, good food, and champagne…

We took the boys bikes with us, which was a brilliant idea… and they spent the afternoon riding, and playing soccer, climbing trees and herding puppies.

Max and baby Lily had a ball playing with each other


As is the norm with our family gatherings around birthdays, there was a bit of drama. This time however, not people related butĀ dog related! I don’t have the photos to tell the story though, LOL, at the time my camera was in my bag.

A lady walked close to us with 3 dogs, who jumped into the dam to chase ducks. One of her dogs though, didn’t look comfortable swimming, and eventually started tiring and panicked. We asked the lady whether she needed help, and she insisted her dogs were fine… although by then the poor dog was really not fine and his head was barely out of the water! Bryan’s cousin stripped and swam across the dam… and at the same time, and lady on the other bank jumped into the water too. They both got the dog back safely to the shore… while the owner slowly walked around the dam.

Seriously, if it were my dog, I wouldn’t have been walking… I’d be a little more concerned about whether he was ok! She came over to us a little while later with her dog on lead, and thanked Graham, and said that her dog can actually swim… I do get it, with 3 dogs, it’s virtually impossible to keep the one dog out the water if the other 2 are swimming. I was just a little surprised by how blase she was about her dog drowning!

The boys had a ball riding around the dams though :) no dramas there apart from Connor riding over a root and falling off his bike… no harm though :)

Of course I made Elaine and Bryan walk across the dam wall :) I’d been eyeing out this scene all afternoon!

It was too much hard work for the littlest member of the family though… she liked her naps in her crate

Beagle puppiesĀ are just too gorgeous for words!

It was a beautiful day :)

There’s nothing better than Sundays spent with family and friends… and good cheese and breads and olive tapenade and strawberries and champagne and Woolies Chuckles to finish it all off!



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My leg assessment at SBR Sport

A lot of runners have told me about the leg assessments that Mike does at his shop, SBR Sport in Sunninghill. So, with all my leg problems and knowing that I probably needed to buy new shoes again, I decided that it would be a good idea to have this assessment done.

I went on Tuesday at lunchtime, and it took an hour to do.

Now, that’s actually quite a long time, but my word Mike is thorough!

He asked me about injuries, and I told him my woes about my ITB and about the pain in my right knee that I used to get. In fact, I’ve started getting it again when my ITB is really bad too.

He prodded my muscles and quickly found where I was hurting. LOL!

He measured all sorts of angles as I moved around, and wrote a lot of notes.

Then I got on a treadmill and ran for 50 seconds while he video’ed me from the side. That video was scrutinised and he measured loads of angles and lengths as he slowed it down and stopped it, and rewound it umpteen times. Then I went back onto the treadmill, and ran while he video’ed me from the back. And then that recording was measured too.

At the end of the session he explained what he found… this is a very basic rundown:

1. Yes I have ITB, but I also have PFP (runners knee in my right knee), and my glutes, hips and hamstrings are really weak. I basically knew that though… although he’s given me different exercises to do (not the same as the physio did)

2. I need to carry on taking the cartilageĀ supplement the GP prescribed (to get the moisture back into my bones after the Roaccutane), although because the active ingredient GlucosamineĀ isn’t absorbed easily, I should only see the effects in a YEAR!! Good grief, that’s a long way away… but he says it’ll be worth it in the long run so that’s what I’m going to do. And Omega 3 is a vital supplement too.

3. I’ve been using the wrong shoes!! Now this was one of the reasons I went to him. And yes, I did go to a specialist running shop to get my shoes. The anti-pronation shoes were not needed, so they were causing more strain on my ITB. He could clearly see in the video that I’m running perfectly neutrally, but I need a bit of arch support… so he’s recommended the Brooks Ghost range (which I’ve bought… they’re the most ugly grey colour but anyhoo). Ā He said it looks like I’m pronating because my muscles are collapsing my feet… and because the shoes that were recommended before wereĀ pronation shoes… they are forcing my knees to come in to compensate for the support I don’t need, which puts more strain on my ITB! Yip, it’s complicated.

4.Ā I need to strengthen my glutes and quads and back muscles. And I need to stretch. A lot.

5. I need to shorten my stride. Because my muscles are weak, my stride is putting more strain on my legs.

6. I need some massage therapy too… which could be done by my physio

It was really very interesting, and I found it extremely worthwhile. At the end of the session you go home with all his notes, as well as diagrams showing you all the exercises you need to do. It’s never a bad thing to be more informed about your body.




There’s more information on the SBR website if you’re interested.

The proof is in the pudding though… so I’m going for a 4km run tomorrow in my new shoes, we’ll see how it goes.

I’m going to have to really slow down my expectations of the races I was going to do… I’m going to have to train slowly for a while. It’s going to kill me though, I have serious FOMO when my RWFL running buddies go on a long Sunday run, or run a quick 10km during the week… but it’s going to have to wait a bit.

I’ll let you know how it goes… stay tuned.

Disclaimer: I wasn’t ask to blog about this at all, I just think it was a great thing to do, and now I know exactly what is wrong, and what shoes to buy.

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Stikeez – the hottest property in school

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Spring flowers were the only happy thing I found

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Another reason to love watermarking photos

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I’m not a lunchbox Pinterest fan

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ITB woes

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Complaining on Facebook 101

In the last few monthsĀ I’ve seen an increase in people complaining about brands and products and services on Facebook. All expecting to get resolution… yet most are not doing it right, so the company in question isn’t even seeing the complaint! Just seeing complaints going nowhere grates me immensely! The person complaining is frustrated… the […]

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