I knew it… I just knew there was a reason for his morning headaches and sore tummy and occasional vomiting.  There was no way that it was a tummy bug.

This morning, after he complained again of a headache and sore tummy and said that he didn’t want to go to school, I decided that I wasn’t going to let it slide again.  It took me half an hour of talking, but eventually the truth came out.

He’s being bullied at break time in the school play grounds by a “gang” of Grade 4’s (he’s in Grade 2).

If he’s on his own, they hold him, and pinch him and tease him.  If he’s playing with his friend Angelique they laugh at him.  If he tries to play with the boys, they hold him back until his friends disappear and then he can’t find them.

So he’s playing alone most of the time.

It makes me SO SO mad! The school is adament that their bully policy works.  But it’s clearly not working at all.

I tried to tell him to stand up for himself, but he doesn’t want to be a bully too (which is what the policy says).  So he refuses.

You see, a few years ago he was bullied by a kid in his class.  We got him to stand up for himself and the bullying stopped, and as a result he eventually got labelled a bully too… and now he doesn’t want that to happen again.


No wonder he hasn’t been wanting to go to school.

Lance spoke to his teacher this morning because Bradley actually doesn’t know the names of the boys in question.  They better do something about it.

This makes me a VERY unhappy bunny, and I’m uber grumpy today as a result.