You know I mentioned the bucket list to 40 idea a few months ago.  The idea where I create a bucket list, and tick something off every month in the 12 months leading up to my 40th birthday?

Well, it’s time to start!!

LOL, yes, if you’re not a regular reader of my blog, I’m 39.  I’m THAT old.  When I mentioned my age in a conversation with Jessica and Gary at the Social Media day last week, Gary was amazed… but yes…. it’s true… I’m THAT old.

I’ve been gradually adding to my bucket list, and now it’s simply immense, and the only thing worrying me about this idea, is the amount of money I’m going to spend doing this!! LOL!

So, first up, I’m thinking, is a tattoo… so that it’s settled by the time I have a boudoir shoot (I have a photographer in mind, I just have to contact her).

My only problem is that I have no cooking clue about the design or where to put it!! I was thinking something with the kids initials, but because I’m not planning on doing it again, I should really add something about me… like my photography.  I really like Mishi’s tattoo… too awesome and so simple!

So, I’ve started a pin board on  Pinterest now, and I’m going to be on the hunt for nice designs I think. Luckily I follow quite a few people on there that have tattoo boards!

If it takes too long, I’ll have to find something else to “tick” off the list in July.