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Just go for it…

… how awesome is this video?!  I got it from one of the social media blogs that I follow.

It’s just a reminder that scary things can end up being fun too…

I can so relate to it, sounds like the way I was stressing just before I did the Orlando Towers jump… except she’s in 4th grade!! I’m so going t oshow Bradley and Connor this video when we get home tonight

A giveaway from Milky Foot

I was sent a hamper with two Milky Foot packs... one to try and one to give away on my blog.  How cool?!

Anyway, if you know me at all, you know I like going to spas and having pedis and manis, but I really don’t have the time to do it often enough.  I’ve actually been pretty good this year, but still… we have a beach holiday coming up, and you have to have pretty feet when you’re on holiday, right?!

Milky Foot is a product that basically helps get those pretty baby soft feet back… in the comfort of your home.

You slip your feet into the sleeves, and leave them on for 60 minutes.  Then you remove it… and carry on with life… after painting your toenails of course 😉  5-10 days after the application the rough skin on your feet starts peeling off.

And viola, you should have soft skin.

So, I’ve done the first bit… and I’m waiting for the peeling to start, and to be honest I’m thinking about the shoes I’m going to be wearing at work to keep this transformation hidden…

If you’re wondering where to get a pack for yourself… they’re sold at Clicks and Dischem

Anyhoo, while I wait, I’ll give a pack of Milky Foot away to you… this is what you have to do to enter:

1.  Like the Milky Foot Facebook page

2.  Comment on this post (yes, if you’re reading this via RSS or Facebook you have to open the link) and tell me how many times you’ve had a proper pedicure in the last year.

Winner to be drawn on 2 April 2012 and will be chosen via  South African entries only.

PS.  I see that Nicki from One of the Boys is also giving away a Milky Foot pack, so head on over there to double your chances

**updated** entries are now closed

** Update… as promised by the packaging, my feet peeled, and looked completely disgusting while it waas going on…. and thankfully I had a beach holiday while they peeled so they seemed to recover faster.  Can’t see much difference really.  I would rather spend the money and one hour on a proper pedicure than having my feet peel for 3 weeks!

How to remove a bat from the house

… yes you read that heading right…

We’ve had loads of bats in the garden this summer, and tonight we had one in the kitchen.

Isn’t there a song… There’s a bat in the kitchen what am I gonna do… ?

LOL maybe not.

But, as I’m now an expert in these matters, I can tell you how to get one out of your kitchen… without harming it.

But first, a little bit of what happened.  I was making supper for the kids and noticed a bit of a shadow going over me, but I actually thought it was a big moth, until Lance walked in and noticed the bat circling the room.

Not sure about sizes and types of bats, but this was one was about 20cm wide with it’s wings extended and it was black.

We opened the kitchen door in the hope that it would find it’s way out, but it eventually just settled somewhere and we couldn’t find it.  We closed the  inside kitchen door while we ate just in case it decided to move to the lounge area.  And it was so funny, because at some stage Kimo was whining at the door because it’s NEVER closed, and Connor went to the door to open it for him to get to his water, and they both stood there peeping into the kitchen through this little slit… wish I’d had my camera on me.  It was too cute!

Anyway, long story short… when we took our plates to the kitchen, the bat was just circling and wasn’t settling.  I tried to use the kitchen cloths to kind of shoo it out, but it just circled lower and lower.  Poor thing must’ve been so tired by then.  And Kitara had discovered it by then and was sitting in the middle of the kitchen watching it fly above her head and closer and closer to her mouth (she’s the bird catcher).  I tried opening the blinds and the windows, because it had been flying in that area, but it wasn’t interested once the blinds were up (I think it was flying to the shiny stainless steel blinds).

Then I realised what it was doing.  I told the kids to find lots of torches, and the big backup battery light that we have.  We stood outside the kitchen door in the garden, and put the torches and lights on the ground shining towards the open door.  Lance then turned off the kitchen lights.

And viola… it just followed the light.

And life in our house went back to normal… and the kids have something to tell the class tomorrow 😉

I can never say my life is dull 🙂

Connor on money and decorating

In the space of 10 minutes this evening Connor made me laugh and smile and then want to go shopping…

He was paging through a magazine with Bradley with a purple pen… drawing rings around cars.
Apparently they were all the cars he wants to buy when he grows up… and he’ll apparently carry on tomorrow. He’s marked every single car!!\

So Lance says… “He’ll have to be a millionaire to get them all”

And Connor replies… “I want to be a billionaire… no… a infinity-aire…”

LOL!!  I think that’s about right.

Then we were watching the Home channel on DSTV, and he says very seriously, while looking at me “Mom, we need to make the house look prettier”

Oh really?  I think he’s right, but anyhoo, I ask “How would you make it prettier?”

And he replies “You need to have flowers” with a sweep of his hand… “over there…. and there… and on top of that… and that… and I’ll tell you the rest in the morning”

I’ll be waiting with baited breath.  He’s right of course, our house needs a LOT of TLC right now…

A walk in the park

I’ve been taking the dogs to the small park close to our house again.  It’s a lead free park, so the huskies have a ball… and I don’t get a full body workout being dragged around by them.

I stopped going there for a few months because the bottom gate was always open… never a good thing with my dogs around… but recently the gate has been permanently locked.

Last night, Connor also decided to take his scooter… it was SUCH a waste of time… he gave up on the bumpy paths within 5 minutes and I ended up having to carry the darn thing around over my shoulder!  Anyway, he tried, he won’t want to do it again… sometimes the easiest way to win is just to let him have his own way… so that he learns the hard way.

The other thing that’s changed in the last few months, is the number of huskies that now frequent the park.  There are 2 packs of sledding teams that are there in the evenings.  Those owners are jacked up compared to me, and they come armed with a big bucket full of water so that the dogs can stay longer.  I should really go and find a nice bucket with a lid this weekend.

Kimo and Kitara are not too sure about these packs of dogs yet.  As huskies do, they don’t come up to my dogs on their own… they come en masse, and Kimo gets a little edgy and aggressive if they get too close to me.  I’ve found that if I walk away, he’ll relax and play with them.  Kitara on the other hand becomes very timid and submissive, and the first time we encountered them she wouldn’t get off the ground… she just lay there cowering.  Thankfully now she’s a little braver and will play and run with them a little.  She much prefers playing with the french poodles that are also regulars at the park.

Anyway, looks like our days at the park are numbered again.  I chatted to the lady that cleans the park yesterday… and she informed me that they’re going to have to open the gates again 🙁 apparently some silly reasoning by the security company that patrols the area.

Looks like I’m going to be dragged around the neighbourhood again… it’s not that bad an idea though because I would get more exercise! LOL!

Taking stock

It’s been a rough week this week, a really rough one. If you’ve been following my photoblog you would understand (the posts are no longer there so don’t even bother trying to find them)

Although I’ve been busy today and had coffee with Madelein this morning, and lunch at my parent’s house, I’ve felt a little fragile.

I need to regroup.

And I nearly, nearly cancelled on a group of twitter friends this evening, but decided at the last minute to just go and have a drink with them… and I’m so glad I did.  It was a small tweetup organised for a bunch of West Rand tweeters, and we met at JB Corner at Clearwater this evening for a few drinks.

It ended up being me, Leigh-Ann, Desiree, Rubyletters, Louisa, and Stacey… a really small group considering… but it was awesome to chat with them for a bit

It was a bit of down time. It was also just what I needed, and I’m not sure they realise that what they said meant so much to me.  Amongst other thing… chatting to Rubyletters and Leigh-Ann about their health issues, and then Leigh-Ann about how she’s changed her business around, I’m realising more and more that I have to get back to basics.

This week has taught me that I’ve got to stop worrying about growing my photography business, and just concentrate on making art again.  Like I used to.

Their health issues were more noticeable than mine, but you may not realise this, but my hair is falling out again.  So, I’m in the need for some endo treatment again… and some balance.

Then when I got home, I checked Facebook, and I saw this image from Go{4}Pro… another sign…

I cannot worry about what happened this week… I’m going to try not allow myself to.

I also need to create again… desperately…

An outing to Lory Park Zoo in Midrand

Lory Park Zoo in Midrand is a privately owned zoo and owl sanctuary, and Bradley wanted to visit it today, so we went there.  He’d been to the zoo on a school outing and loved the experience… I think he liked the talk about animals more, because he was a little disappointed not to have the same experience today.

I relented, and agreed to go there instead of the Johannesburg Zoo.  I’d never been there before, and had no reason not to take them there… so we went to have a new experience.  And of course, for some reason I’d only taken my 50mm lens, so I couldn’t zoom at all.

Connor loved that he could see all the animals because they were all so close.  We also got there at feeding time, so it was ideal to watch the big cats being fed

To give the cats something to do, they put their food in cardboard boxes, which the cats then have to find and open to get the meat.

While I’m glad I can say I’ve been, I can honestly say that I won’t be taking the kids there again.

Although I get that they are trying to do something about conservation, and that they are helping with owls in the area, I feel there’s not enough space.  I do understand that they entertain the big animals by feeding them the way they do, but again, the space is an issue for me.  I also get that the kids love it because the animals are close.

I just cannot, however, get past the size of the enclosures.  I’m no expert in these matters, but I do feel that the cages were way too small for the animals.  And not just for the cats… the birds can barely fly in their cages.  I just could not get past that.  I really really didn’t enjoy the time there.

Because of the size of the park, it’s also not a day’s outing in Johannesburg, if you’re lucky you’ll spend an hour walking around the place… and then 30 minutes in a queue at the tuck shop waiting to buy a drink.  And for that, I think it’s VERY expensive… the entrance fee per person is higher than that of the Joburg Zoo… which is crazy!!

If you’re going to say… but you can pet a baby cat (today there were ocelots and leopard cubs)… well you can’t if you’re there as a single parent, because only people over the age of 18 can pet them, and it costs an extra R50 per person too!  So that was a waste too, because the kids wanted to do that.

Anyway, I can say that I’ve been there… now to find something better to do on Wednesday!

Learning to hoop

Yesterday, I spotted Sandi’s tweet in my stream, linking to a video she’d made about learning to hoop

So, after asking her where to get one from, she replied that she made custom hoops.  So I bought one… and I collected it after my shoot this morning.

And this is the result…

And btw, I’m wearing a skirt or rather dress that she made too 😉 (it’s a Sass Design) she’s one very talented lady!

Hungry, Hungry, I’m so hungry

Connor is singing a lot at home at the moment, as he practices for the school grandparents concert. I could not resist recording him singing this afternoon 🙂

Bradley is a teacher today

I’m sitting at my desk at work, wondering how Bradley did at school today.

He had to present his project today.  The project theme was “Be a teacher” and he had to teach the class how to make something or how to do something.

Our first idea was to teach the class how to make a paper fighter jet, and to talk about the fastest fighter jet in the world.  Great idea!! Except apparently it was too easy… because by Tuesday 4 kids in his class had taught them how to make various forms of paper aeroplanes.

Then he had a brain wave… he wanted to do origami.  Fab idea, except I’ve never done that!! LOL!  Not only that, he wanted to make an origami dinosaur

Anyhoo, Google to the rescue.  I discovered that dinosaurs are not easy to make.  I also found instructions on how to make a dragon head… too cute!!

so that became his project.  And over the last few days he’s made about 15 of them, and by yesterday morning he was able to do it without the instructions, and last night he taught me how to make it.

I really hope it went well today, and he remembered to explain every step… it’s not that easy to make… and remembered to show them the results of every step before carrying on.

It was a fun project to do with him