Month: March 2012

Just go for it…

… how awesome is this video?!  I got it from one of the social media blogs that I follow. It’s just a reminder that scary things can end up being fun too… I can so relate to it, sounds like the way I was stressing just before I did the Orlando Towers jump… except she’s in 4th grade!! I’m so going t oshow Bradley and Connor this video when we get home...

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A giveaway from Milky Foot

I was sent a hamper with two Milky Foot packs... one to try and one to give away on my blog.  How cool?! Anyway, if you know me at all, you know I like going to spas and having pedis and manis, but I really don’t have the time to do it often enough.  I’ve actually been pretty good this year, but still… we have a beach holiday coming up, and you have to have pretty feet when you’re on holiday, right?! Milky Foot is a product that basically helps get those pretty baby soft feet back… in the comfort of your home. You slip your feet into the sleeves, and leave them on for 60 minutes.  Then you remove it… and carry on with life… after painting your toenails of course 😉  5-10 days after the application the rough skin on your feet starts peeling off. And viola, you should have soft skin. So, I’ve done the first bit… and I’m waiting for the peeling to start, and to be honest I’m thinking about the shoes I’m going to be wearing at work to keep this transformation hidden… If you’re wondering where to get a pack for yourself… they’re sold at Clicks and Dischem Anyhoo, while I wait, I’ll give a pack of Milky Foot away to you… this is what you have to do to enter: 1....

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How to remove a bat from the house

… yes you read that heading right… We’ve had loads of bats in the garden this summer, and tonight we had one in the kitchen. Isn’t there a song… There’s a bat in the kitchen what am I gonna do… ? LOL maybe not. But, as I’m now an expert in these matters, I can tell you how to get one out of your kitchen… without harming it. But first, a little bit of what happened.  I was making supper for the kids and noticed a bit of a shadow going over me, but I actually thought it was a big moth, until Lance walked in and noticed the bat circling the room. Not sure about sizes and types of bats, but this was one was about 20cm wide with it’s wings extended and it was black. We opened the kitchen door in the hope that it would find it’s way out, but it eventually just settled somewhere and we couldn’t find it.  We closed the  inside kitchen door while we ate just in case it decided to move to the lounge area.  And it was so funny, because at some stage Kimo was whining at the door because it’s NEVER closed, and Connor went to the door to open it for him to get to his water, and they both stood there peeping into the kitchen through this...

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Connor on money and decorating

In the space of 10 minutes this evening Connor made me laugh and smile and then want to go shopping… He was paging through a magazine with Bradley with a purple pen… drawing rings around cars. Apparently they were all the cars he wants to buy when he grows up… and he’ll apparently carry on tomorrow. He’s marked every single car!!\ So Lance says… “He’ll have to be a millionaire to get them all” And Connor replies… “I want to be a billionaire… no… a infinity-aire…” LOL!!  I think that’s about right. Then we were watching the Home channel on DSTV, and he says very seriously, while looking at me “Mom, we need to make the house look prettier” Oh really?  I think he’s right, but anyhoo, I ask “How would you make it prettier?” And he replies “You need to have flowers” with a sweep of his hand… “over there…. and there… and on top of that… and that… and I’ll tell you the rest in the morning” I’ll be waiting with baited breath.  He’s right of course, our house needs a LOT of TLC right...

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A walk in the park

I’ve been taking the dogs to the small park close to our house again.  It’s a lead free park, so the huskies have a ball… and I don’t get a full body workout being dragged around by them. I stopped going there for a few months because the bottom gate was always open… never a good thing with my dogs around… but recently the gate has been permanently locked. Last night, Connor also decided to take his scooter… it was SUCH a waste of time… he gave up on the bumpy paths within 5 minutes and I ended up having to carry the darn thing around over my shoulder!  Anyway, he tried, he won’t want to do it again… sometimes the easiest way to win is just to let him have his own way… so that he learns the hard way. The other thing that’s changed in the last few months, is the number of huskies that now frequent the park.  There are 2 packs of sledding teams that are there in the evenings.  Those owners are jacked up compared to me, and they come armed with a big bucket full of water so that the dogs can stay longer.  I should really go and find a nice bucket with a lid this weekend. Kimo and Kitara are not too sure about these packs of dogs yet.  As huskies...

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