I took my mom and the kids this afternoon to meet up with a few friends at Annica’s in Randburg.   I’ve been eyeing out the cake and coffee shop for months when I drive past it on my way to work (if I have to stop at the box company I drive past it), so was quite looking forward to this… especially because Annica’s is known for their cakes.

And secondly, we haven’t actually been able to meet up as a group for a while, so it was awesome to see Madelein, Dom and Svenja again 🙂

Well, loved the company, loved the chats, loved the tea, loved the play area for the kids (and from the noise they made they enjoyed it too), service was excellent… but the cakes… not so much.  I was really disappointed in them actually.  I ordered a red velvet cake… it wasn’t actually red, and it was very stodgy, and I was disappointed with the amount of mascarpone cheese they promised was in it.  And worst of all… it was tasteless.  Madelein and Svenja said their Lemon mud cakes were nice though… and not too sweet or too tart.  My mom said her cake was tasteless too.

The only thing red about the red velvet cake was the rose petals…

Thinking about it though, the texture of the cakes reminded me of towering designer cakes that need to be quite stiff to get the layering right… maybe I’m right about it, but surely they should have a softer recipe when they’re just making one layer… at least make it taste nicer.

Wonder what their breakfasts are like?  The waitress did say their carrot cake was popular…  so maybe that one is tasty.

Thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon though 🙂 other than the cake, it was awesome!