I’ve been on a local moms forum a few times this week and had a good chuckle at some of the moms and their recounts of their youngest childrens antics.
Of course I was smug in my knowledge that with Connor being 5 that he should have outgrown some of those things that little kids do.

Well, that smugness came back to bite me tonight.

The kids were in the bathroom tonight. Connor was in the bath and Bradley undressing for a shower. Lance and I were in the lounge and we heard a giggle and then an almighty scream and then Bradley crying.

So I go sauntering down the passage not really concerned cos this type of squealing and fighting is normal.
Only to lose my cool when I get there and see what he’s done.

Beauty must’ve left the bathroom cleaner in the bathroom.

Connor thought it would be fun to squirt the bathroom cleaner… into Bradley’s eye.

Seriously?!!! He should know better by now… Surely?!!

He says he didn’t know it was poison.

Think we’re going to do some educating this weekend.