One of the things I do like about the school is the way they get ALL the kids involved in Mothers Day events.  But what it does mean is that I have to work from home generally on the Friday before Mothers Day… because it’s just a logistical nightmare to get to all the events and to work in between.  And the things is, I do NOT want to miss it… I know how much it means for the kids to have me there, and I see how sad the other kids are that don’t have moms there.

On Friday, there was a Mother’s Day assembly at the primary school… and I left my damn tissues in the car again… I never learn!! Those songs make me cry every year!  Then after rushing home for an hour’s work break, I went back to the school for the pre-primary picnic.

And then they came home with gifts that they’d made… awww… just LOVE the bracelet that Connor made me (yes he chose the beads and threaded it)… and love the clever flower pot thing from Bradley (and the fact that it’s written in cursive)