I’m sure you’re missing me… and I can’t possibly recall what I was going to blog about… all I remember is that it was a good topic… oh well, maybe it’ll come back to me in my sleep tonight (like it usually does)

So… for the hell of it, here are some things that have happened… with images from Instagram…

1.  I had time to kill on the way to a photoshoot on Sunday, so stopped at a coffeeshop only to discover they weren’t open, and in fact, hadn’t even started trading yet! Even so, the owner invited me in and made me the most awesome cappuccino… I’m definitely going back to Yoola’s when it opens properly next week.  It’s on 1st Ave in Linden in that Woolies centre, where Europa used to be… and it’s completely gutted and redone and there’s even a new kids play area at the back!

2.  I also stopped in at this awesome florist called Amica Mea in the same centre and bought the most incredible purple roses… stunning people that own that shop too!  Loved their attention to detail, and the way they packaged their flowers even though it was just for me, and not for a gift, made me realise yet again how important packaging and design is in any industry… because I’ll be going back because they made me feel special.

3.  Speaking of shopping, I need to do my birthday list, I’m starting to get asked by people… I’m going to be putting it up on Pinterest this year… and I’ll post a link here when it’s done.

4.  Connor learnt to write his name a while ago… and he “draw’ed” it for my mom today


5.  I’m in love with my slippers that I got for Mother’s Day. Seriously people, sheep skin slippers from Cape Union Mart are the BEST… although they are passion killers 🙂 LOL! My feet really suffer in winter… and these are the only things that keep my toetsies toasty.

6.  and I leave you with this image of Kimo… he was wanting me to take him for a walk.  And OMW what a walk it was! I took them to the park down the road which is an off-lead park.  Kimo and Kitara ended up packing together with another husky and chasing a stray fluffy dog until it was cowering in the corner of the park… none of the dogs would listen to me or the other owner… drama!! Thankfully they eventually lost interest when it stopped running away from them, and I managed to get them back under control and took them home.  Some days they listen, and other days there’s no chance!