Struggling with blog content, and found this meme on Kerry’s blog this afternoon…  so you’re going to be subjected to learning more about me 😉

Right now, I am listening to the boys playing XBox downstairs while I wait for Lance to get home with take-aways, and thinking that I need a glass of wine
I’m currently obsessed with my job and trying to juggle everything and trying to work out how we’re going to afford the kids school fees next year
Cannot live without my boys. The big one and the small ones
I’m reading blogs 😉 LOL my Kindle is a little neglected
I’m listening to Anna Sun by Walk the Moon (randomly playing on my playlist)

WALK THE MOON “Anna Sun” OFFICIAL Music Video from Contrast Productions on Vimeo.

Favourite place in Joburg Arts on Main
Favourite place in SA any beach right now would be good 🙂 LOL!
Favourite place in the world With my boys
I’ve lived in Johannesburg and Harare (but only when I was really little)
Next up on my bucket list to ride an elephant
The last thing I crossed of my bucket list Jump off a building 🙂
I realized I was an adult when I had to start paying off a car
I realized I’d never be an adult when I asked my dad for advice
In the movie of my life, I want to be played by no idea
Best invention since the wheel: Dishwasher
A house is not a home without flowers and dogs
This week I’m crushing on blankets and fireplaces
I’m currently working on  finishing the designs of a few wedding photobooks
I’m really proud of my photography business
You’d be amazed if I showed you my ? (no idea cos I reckon you guys that read my blog regularly know me pretty well)… I think Lance would say my bulging clothes cupboards cos I’m always complaining about having nothing to wear.
I cannot survive winter without electric blanket and Cape Union Mart sheepskin slippers
Signature dish thai green curry and home-made hamburgers
Guilty pleasure milo
When no-one’s looking, I do more
In my next life I want to be a gazillionaire
Every morning, I check Twitter, Facebook and my email before I get out of bed
I believe that time spent with kids is never time wasted
I’ve really got to work on my self confidence
Best advice I was ever given  was stop reading parenting books.

And now I want to read your answers 🙂 leave links to your blogs in the comments