One eye on the game (iPhone)… the other on the games (Olympic mens gymnastics on TV)

In other news… I finally took the plunge and did a major overhaul on my Macbook Pro.  I’ve been threatening for months because it’s been getting slower and slower and the RAM upgrade made very little difference (and waiting for Mountain Lion), and I finally had a gap in my editing… so today my MBP was rebuilt. So now, I have Mountain Lion and I’ve upgraded Lightroom 3 to Lightroom 4 (and OMG I’m feeling the pain now with the presets that have to be redone) and I’ve upgraded my album software too.

Thankfully I’m almost there, and this image was a test for a conversion of my favourite Black and White preset… until I have more time and buy the preset set I’ve been eyeing out for LR4… it’s dreamy and yummy and all about film looks 🙂