Bushman Rock views 69/365

02.09.2012 9:06am

Juanette (my second shooter this weekend) and I took a stroll around Bushman Rock this morning with our cameras.  We were killing time while waiting for brunch :) and yes, it was early, but we couldn’t sleep anymore and the weather was gorgeous and it was already a scorcher of a morning!

 As for the brunch… OMW! Such yumminess! I thoroughly enjoyed the company this weekend, as well as the food.  Whenever I travel to Zim, the food I get to eat makes me happy.  Strange as it may seem, but food memories to me are the best!!

I cannot get enough of Tanganda tea and Mazoe Orange when I go there, and I think the waiters at the venue thought I was a little looney when I asked for Mazoe when they were serving everyone else cokes and fresh juices :)

If you’re wondering, Mazoe Orange is a orange squash that you add to water… and it so very refreshing and yummy!! I just wish I could find it in South Africa… you used to be able to buy it at some Spar’s but I haven’t seen it in ages.  Next time, I need to make a plan and stop at a shop to buy some on the way home.

As for the rest of brunch this morning, it included platters of cheese (loved the blue cheese), fruit (loved the grapefruit), breads (loved the homemade loaf), scones, egg and bacon, fillet of beef, toast (had some with real butter and chunky yummy marmalade), oats… and I’m sure there was more but I can’t remember.  We ate for ages :)

Can’t wait to go back in December 😉

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  • http://rememberwhenwewereyoung.wordpress.com/ Fiona

    I remember Mazoe Orange when we were growing up. It was a stable in our home like rice or sugar :)

    Glad you guys had a good time. I’m looking forward to seeing more photo’s!

  • http://www.juggelingactoflife.blogspot.com Cat@jugglingact

    Looks wonderfuk. So glad that it went so much better this time around

  • http://www.mamameea.blogspot.com MeeA

    I often see Mazoe Orange at Makro… Maybe worth checking it out?

  • http://seizethechocolate.com alida

    Ah Mazoe! When I lived in Zambia I would order vodka and Mazoe instead of orange juice that’s how much I loved it.

    MeeA … you get it at Makro??? *runs out the door*

  • http://www.the123blog.com Marcia (123 blog)

    Dion also raves about Mazoe Orange :) You Zimbos are too funny!

  • http://angelsmind.co.za/ Angel

    Ooh that sounds so yummy!