I not only took photos at a wedding yesterday, and took the kids for breakfast etc, but I also took Connor to his friend Kiera’s party.  It was held down the road from our house, and I was so impressed with the activity that I have to tell you all about it 😉

Peggoty from Be Sharp Beetles was there for the party, and I must say… I’d never heard of it before!! It’s a music and movement programme that’s run in nursery schools… clearly not any of the nursery schools my kids have been to though.. and they do parties too.

The kids had a ball! Peggoty got them dancing and singing to music with various instruments.  She got them to use bells, maracas, drums, castanets, scarves and she even used a big coloured cloth to get them to move and dance to music… even the boys were having fun with it.

There was a little 1 year old at the party too, and she loved it too… and even the (I think) 8 year old boy at the party joined in with a smile.

It was so very clever.  At one stage she had them using their left hand with a castanet and the right hand shaking a maracas… then she made them switch hands (I was amazed at how well the kids coped with the change)… and then she had them shaking 2 maracas in their hands and tapping the castanets with their feet… at the same time!!

It was perfect for a 5 year old’s party, when combined with the swimming.  According to Peggoty, for older kids they tend to concentrate on the drumming for parties because they like that part the best.

It’ll also teach me to pack my camera all the time!! I left it at home because I needed it clean for the wedding, and look what I missed out on!

If I had younger kids, I’d definitely contemplate this as a party theme! Although, maybe Connor would like a drumming party next year  hmmm…