05.10.2012 6:05pm

We went to Madelein and Pierre’s place for a braai tonight.  As we got there, Carmen came running with a strawberry that she’d just picked from their garden.

It’s awesome to grow your own veggies at home, and Pierre seems to be a whizz at it… they don’t have a big garden, so he’s filled various containers with the most amazing range of veggies.

It really puts my little veggie patch to shame… yes, I’ve also got a veggie patch… mine only has spinach, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and tomatoes though.

The braai was actually just what I needed, gotta love friends who pick up on your mood from random tweets even though you haven’t explicitly said anything.  Madelein gave me some awesome advice tonight, and I love that she was prepared to listen to my ramblings.