Those blue eyes 258/365

08.03.2013 6:04pm

I took the dogs to the park today for the walk.

Kitara is becoming such a scaredy cat dog… we only managed one trip about the park, and then she made a beeline to the gate with her tail between her legs and she was pawing at the gate. It happens every time we encounter a big pack of dogs at the park now… drives me batty! Β Today the husky pack wasn’t even aggressive… in fact they sniffed each other and then ran off in another direction. Β The only pack that wanted to play with her was one with a golden retriever and a few beagles!

Poor Kimo wanted to run around some more, but she was not interested, so I had to bring them home.

Im actually thinking I’m going to have to start taking them on seperate walks now… what a pain!! I barely have enough time to take them twice a week. Β Kimo needs more exercise. Β In fact, she does too, she’s getting really podgy!

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