Shiny smiles 297/365

17.04.2013 8:48pm

Yes yes, I know it was late and he was still awake… but my kids are on holiday 😉

He’d just got out the shower and came running to me shouting “check out my shiny face Mom!! I scrubbed it and scrubbed it!” So of course he needed a photo 😉

I’ve missed them tonight actually, I got home really late because of a work function, so I’m doing yesterday’s photos and pining for the kids while they sleep.  They didn’t even stir when I gave them a kiss when I got home.

And look at his gorgeous face… I know it’s a really plain photo, but it makes me realise how big he’s getting.  His face has almost lost that little boy chubbiness.


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One Response to Shiny smiles 297/365

  1. cat@jugglingact April 19, 2013 at 9:22 am #

    Oh gosh Jeanette yes, he looks so grown up!

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