There are a few things I wanted to say tonight, and they don’t really gel together under one theme, so I’m struggling a little with the title to this blog post. I suppose they’re all about anticipating various things though, so I think I’ll blog with that in mind.

It’s the school holidays at the moment.  Because I work in Financial Services, it’s a thing that you have to take 10 consecutive days leave every year.  I haven’t taken that long leave since last April, and I’m now getting asked about it.  I really really wish I could take it now.  I’m anticipating a backlash at work because I’m going to have to postpone my core leave. I’m also anticipating, or rather already feeling the guilt because the kids are just at home every day doing diddly squat.

I can’t take the leave now, because I’m anticipating all the leave I have to take to do away weddings in the next few months.  I don’t actually have the days available!  My poor kids 🙁

I wish I could spend more time with them at home.

On that note a few days ago Connor told me that he wished I owned a company.  He reckons that if I own a company then I wouldn’t have to work for a company and I’d be able to pick them up from school every day and be with them more.

I told him that I did own a company… my photography company.  He gave me a look that told me that he doesn’t believe me.  That’s really not good enough for him.

… and not related at all…

We’ve started getting quotes for the work we want to do in the house.  It’s really not as bad as we’d anticipated. In fact, we reckon we’ll be able to do it.  It does mean, however, that for 6 odd weeks we’ll be living in part of our house and storing a lot of furniture, but it’ll make SUCH an enormous difference to the house.

I’m going to phone a technical builder type guy tomorrow and hopefully he’ll be interested in this job.

Seriously, it’s actually quite a mission to get people to work on houses.  Cannot tell you how many electricians we’ve phoned to fix our kitchen lighting, and not one of them has pitched!! So now I have half the lights in the kitchen working… wish I could get someone to actually do the bloody job! There’s clearly too much work around!

… and not related at all…

I’m seriously looking forward to (anticipating) some highveld storms.  My eyes are so damn sensitive at the moment.  I’m sure that’s what caused my massive headache on Saturday too! I swear, I wake up and my eyes start watering.  I look like I’ve been crying for most of the day and I cannot get them to stop drizzing!

I promise , if you happen to see me, I’m not getting all emo again… I’m actually not really crying, my eyes are just really struggling.

Not sure if it’s the dust or some kind of pollen or I dunno what… but it’s really irritating!  I actually thought it was because of all the damn endless construction that’s been happening in our offices for the last 2 months, with no end in sight, but now my eyes are sensitive everywhere I go.

I’m really hoping the rains will sort them out… although not sure how I’m going to cope until then!

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