Tomorrow is the start of my busy photo season so think of me when you’re having fun with your kids on weekends πŸ˜‰ LOL! A wedding and family photographer doesn’t get time off like the rest of the normal world does πŸ˜‰

I’ve kind of overbooked myself again, and I’ll only surface close to Christmas. Β But good news… I applied for 3 weeks leave over Christmas and I’m not planning many shoots over that period so it’s a few months at full steam and then I can rest.

This slow period over winter has been good and I’ve spent many good quiet weekends with the family. I’ve also managed to catch up with all my outstanding admin things… apart from last year’s tax returns… which I’ll do next week (Marcia aren’t you proud of me? LOL! I’m in awe of your monthly goal lists).

And if you’re wondering about my promise to cut down… turns out I’ve got used to the income and now need to get my bank balance on the healthy side after the quiet weeks! LOL! I cannot win!

Tomorrow I fly with Lerika. Β We’re going to Harare for a huge wedding. Β It’s her first trip to Zimbabwe. Hope it’ll be a good experience!! I doubt we’ll be able to do much sight seeing but I can live in hope can’t I? Β I’m also hoping I can get awesome shots with my iPhone while I’m there so I can use them for the latest iPhoneographySA competition that was announced today!

Right, best I get cracking… last week’s photoshoot is busy exporting while I blog this (although it’s too late to package)… the last batteries are charging… my bags need to get packed. My passport and tickets are ready.

Let’s get this show on the road!