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Walk across Mandela Bridge

You can’t go to Braamfontein and not take a walk across Mandela bridge. Some of the best views of the Johannesburg CBD are to be found from the Mandela bridge, yet I know so many people who haven’t tried to venture there yet! I love walking across it. So after our trip to Neighbourgoods Market, I took Karen to see the sights. Even though she’d run over the bridge a few times on a few races, she’s never walked across it and taken in the views properly. I had been planning an engagement shoot for later that afternoon on...

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Hanging out at Neighbourgoods in Braamfontein with Karen

Karen and I went adventuring in Jozi today. Today’s idea was to spend the day hanging out at Neighbourgoods. Neither one of us had actually been there before. You’re probably quite surprised to read that, if you’re a regular reader of my blog. I’ve been to most gems in the city, but Saturdays are normally chaotic and I’ve never been able to get there. Karen mentioned a few days ago that she’d never been, and I forgot about the soccer I was supposed to go and photoshoot in the afternoon… and decided that today was a good day to...

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Adventuring in Maboneng with my 50mm lens

We’ve just got home from exploring Maboneng with my 50mm lens. I really haven’t gone and explored the city in a while, and I was feeling so restless this morning. Luckily L felt like an outing, so we coerced the kids into the car and went adventuring. We haven’t been there in a while so it was fabulous to see how the area has grown and more blocks have been transformed. I particularly loved the blocks filled with container structures that house restaurants and retail spaces. How cool is this? She runs sidewalk guitar lessons for free! The kids...

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DNQ for Two Oceans

So it’s official now. I DNQ for Two Oceans and I’m very bleak about it. You know already that I’ve been struggling with my hamstring. Two weeks ago I did the Pirates 21km race which goes over Northcliff Hill. In the process, even though I could feel the hammy pulling, I hurt my ITB on the other leg. I went to the physio tent after the race to get a bit of immediate relief and that seemed to work. I didn’t feel it while I trained in the last two weeks. I was gung-ho yesterday morning at the Vaal...

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Meal time dilemmas are never ending

This weekend’s meal time dilemmas made me think about this tweeted poll question from Essentials Magazine a few days ago. If there was 1 thing you could remove from the parenting equation, what would it be? — Essentials magazine (@essentialsmagSA) February 24, 2017 My answer to the question about the thing I’d remove from the parenting equation was “meal time battles”. My reasoning follows. The whining and snotty noses doesn’t last for years. However, I do understand why parents have answered like they have, if they have little ones. The whining actually drove me bat shit crazy, especially when...

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