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Moosette and the onesie for the new baby

I’ve just had a moose and a onesie made as a gift for my sister and her hubby. You see, they’re having a baby in a few weeks time and they call the baby “Moose”. Now a baby item with moose detailing is really, really impossible to find in South Africa. It’s not the most obvious cute and cuddly animal and you definitely don’t find them in Africa! So after thinking about what I was going to buy them for ages, I had a brainwave. Get something handmade! The joy of being a blogger for 10 years is that...

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Cinderella Kids at Peoples Theatre

On Friday evening, Connor and I went to watch Disney’s Cinderella Kids at the People’s Theatre in Braamfontein. We were invited to attend the opening performance of this gorgeous play that is on until the end of July. It was a media event, which is why I was allowed to take photos. In fact, I triple checked with the PR company that evening. I’m sure she thought I was a little mad. LOL! If you haven’t been before, the Peoples Theatre is a children’s theatre. It’s not exceptionally big, so no matter where you get to sit you’re not...

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At the launch of Wellness Warehouse in Clearwater

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to get invited to the launch of Wellness Warehouse in Clearwater. The event made full use of the cafe in the store and we were well fed with wraps, muffins and other goodies. I really did enjoy the cappuccinos so if anything, I’ll be stopping at the store soon for a coffee! I didn’t actually realise how much was in Wellness Warehouse. They don’t just sell ranges of natural vitamins and a few natural long life food items after all! From their website: You’ll find everything you need for diabetic and other...

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Rugby Saturday season is over

B started playing rugby this year, and we’ve had just finished a rugby Saturday season. It’s meant getting up early every Saturday to get him to matches at schools around Johannesburg. It’s also meant no running on Saturdays which is our normal routine. His team hasn’t had the best of luck this season, but by the end they were really playing very well. 90% of the team had never played rugby before, so this entire season was such a learning curve for them. You know what they say about parents on the side of the field? Well, today we lived...

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[Photo essay] Running in London

I didn’t have time for sightseeing but I needed to run. So, running in London became the way I saw the city during the week I was there on business. Armed with my iPhone in my trusty running belt and a bottle of water, I hit the road at 6am to get some training done before my meetings started. London in the early morning is just magic. It was light already, and the city hadn’t really woken up yet. It was quiet and peaceful… which is so unlike London. There was rain every day, but in the early morning...

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I’m Jeanette, known as Jenty online. Mom to a teen and a tween. Also a coffee loving, wine drinking, storytelling photographer who happens to run a bit.

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