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The need to create again

You may think that the title is strange, considering I have a photography business. However, I really feel that I need to create again. Instead of going to gym yesterday, I took my camera out to play with free lensing again. OK, it was only for 5 minutes but still, it’s something. I’ve just been feeling like I’m not getting anywhere. I have been procrastinating a lot (hence the blog post), but I feel like I’m stagnating. Until a few months ago, I was also brushing up on new techniques and having fun with my camera. I’m not sure...

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This year’s family calendar with the new baby!

Every year I print everyone a family calendar, and I got the calendars this week so I have to show them off! I got so many questions on Instagram when I posted them in the Stories that I’ve decided to blog about how to make them. But first, I need to show you what this year’s family calendar looks like. Page design I have the sameĀ method of design every year: The calendar is printed for my parents and my siblings. The grandchildren are the focus of the photos chosen. Portraits of the kids are chosen for their birthday months....

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A month of veggies ahead

So B and his best bud E, decided to become veggies. It’s what you do when you spend time with your buddies over a very long Christmas break. Thankfully they’ve decided to try be vegetarians and not vegans! I did try to get them to switch to pescatarian or polo-pescatarian but sadly that didn’t fly. Now you’re probably thinking that I’m being silly, but I’m seriously not keen on preparing two meals for the family to suit this new lifestyle choice. I also don’t want to give him the veggies that go with the rest of our meal. Planning...

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Slowly getting back on the road

I’m slowly getting back on the road. This plantar fasciitis problem is so frustrating and I feel like it’s never going to go away. But it is getting slightly better. I’ve now had this problem for months and it really wasn’t budging. I tried so very many things to get it sorted. I’ve done physio, sports massage, bio kenetics and I’ve also seen a podiatrist. After the very expensive podiatry failure that then caused ITB, I decided that this was complete nonsense and once last push was needed before I gave up completely. So, I joined a gym. Then...

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An evening masterclass with Jan Hendrik at Discovery Healthy Food Studio

My friend Karen and I went to the Discovery Healthy Food Studio on Monday night for a masterclass with Jan Hendrik. A few weeks ago, she’d spotted an evening soiree with Jan Hendrik advertised on Facebook in Wellington. We very nearly booked that… but thankfully she spotted this event on Facebook. So we had an amazing night out in Sandton instead. Much closer to home! Jan Hendrik, if you didn’t know… is a South African chef with a restaurant called JAN in Nice France. Not only that, but he’s the only South African with a Michelin star! Yip, now...

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I’m Jeanette, known as Jenty online. Mom to a teen and a tween. Also a coffee loving, wine drinking, storytelling photographer who happens to run a bit.

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