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It’s been a really difficult 2 weeks

MIL has been staying with us since January, and it’s been a really hard and difficult time for everyone. Then last week she fell. And it got worse, because now there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that she needed full...

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Scootering along

Connor uses a very old rusted scooter. His daily “thing” this holiday has been to go up and down the road on the sidewalk on his scooter in bare feet. It gives me the heebie jeebies watching him trying to stop and...

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Erin and the boys in a forest

Erin stayed with us over the weekend, and I took them to my favourite little forest for a few photos. I needed a few more photos for our annual family calendar… so they didn’t really have a choice 😉 We were only...

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Cousins and friends in the pool

I didn’t have a shoot yesterday. I planned my weekend that way. I needed to run a long run to prepare for my 21km race… so knew that if I ran I would be too tired for a photo session. Instead we had friends and...

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