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An old new World atlas

I finally got around to sorting out the kids school stuff yesterday… I wrapped books, and sorted out stationery… and I finally opened the package of textbooks needed for both kids for the year. One of the books that...

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A document by himself

Yesterday evening, Bradley got a bee in his bonnet.  One of his friends at school had arrived at school that morning with an impromptu paper he’d done on some animal… and Bradley wanted to do the same. So, last...

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Dreaming… about a course

I’ve got itchy feet.  Serious itchy feet. I’ve already signed up for 2 photography workshops in January.  One is a boudoir workshop for one day by Yvette (Innovate Photo), and the other is an online 1 month long...

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Lets talk about sex

Yip, I’m thinking it’s nearly that time. I always said that I would broach the birds and bees subject with the kids when they asked the questions, and I would be truthful.  It’s best to hear the proper story...

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Sites to help with tricky homework questions

So, the harder homework has started.  Bradley announced when he came home this evening, that his teacher told them to google sloths so that they can report back tomorrow.  Then while we were on the hunt for sloth information, he...

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Bradley’s speech about Serbia

Every class in Bradley’s school was given a country to research this year.  Only countries taking part in the FIFA World Cup were used as part of the project. It was done to get the kids excited about the World Cup and...

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Sharing freely

I’m at home this morning because Connor has a doctor appointment a little later (it’s a checkup after his tonsillectomy) and I’m listening to him chatting to Beauty while she’s making the beds. Connor:...

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Bradley is the best

Remember the post on my photoblog the other day about Bradley getting the term merit?  Well, Lance was cornered by the teacher this morning about it. Apparently it wasn’t just term merit – it was the year’s...

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My day today

I did actually go to work today, and while I was there I was quite productive… but I also did the following: 1.  Delivered photos… well, not personally… Lance printed photos for me and delivered them to a...

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