If you feel like getting me a gift “sommer for mos” or if you’re my husband and are stuck for present ideas for my birthday or Christmas, then this page is for you 😉

This is what I want, what I really really want, and don’t already have… in no particular order…  I know… it’s a completely selfish page… but hey… I can dream 🙂

Just stuff:


Jose Villa’s Book – Fine Art Photography

Any of the Le Creusset pots

Make up lessons or makeover and MAC make-up

Jozi Skyline coat rack… I reckon I need the coat rack actually.  This time with the actual skyline.

Underwear from La Senza or Wonderbra

Another Sass Designs dress – a short a-line double sided black/grey dress

Big Blue or Urban or Poetry clothes — ooh I love those shops!!

New wallet

Earrings… like the ones from Lady Peculiar -just in gold or white gold (not silver)

A Collect name necklace in Gold with Jenty or Jeanette on it (can’t decide which one)…

Perfume stuff:

Music stuff:

I want to start building my music collection again…


iPod/iPhone speakers with clock radio

Camera stuff:

Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet Optic

Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L Lens

A Manfrotto tripod

Epiphany camera bag… or any other camera bag that looks like a handbag and will fit a DSLR with quite a big lens

A new Playful Shootsac cover for my Shootsac lens bag that I use on shoots

House stuff:


Electric can opener (stainless steel) – ours is bust

Anything from YuppieChef