I bought 10 baskets today, the woman at Mr P must have thought I was loopy.  LOL!! 
And now after doing the rooms, I realise I need 2 more for Bradley. 

Got most of the stuff from Treehouse too, so now I've just got to get sheets and wait for the handles I've ordered, and then I can finish the room.
It's starting to look really nice – Lance has given up arguing with me and he switched the cot and compactum around without one single moan ;-).

While I was at it, I sorted out my stuff again.  I have enough newborn and 1-3 mths stuff now – I unpacked the few things I kept from Bradley.  Also have too many receiving and swaddling blankets but I like them all and can't decide which ones to keep.  I have 1 towel though – hmmm, and one or 2 thick blankets.  Have too many small bootie type things, and nothing for when it gets really cold – bit silly that.

Strange thing – wonder why I kept a stained t-shirt.  Obviously someone talked me into keeping stuff.  I must've only listened for the 1-3 mths stuff, because I have nothing for later.  LMAO!