When we got there this morning, they had removed the CPAP cap and the blue lights. He’s now on nasal prongs. He’s still receiving oxygen, and it’s now between 22 and 24%. Surprisingly, she also increased his milk again to 50mls, but he seems to be happy with it today.
I asked Kate whether he had poo’ed, and she said yes, quite a few over night, and that's why they increased the food again.
I asked whether he’d wee’d on anyone yet. LOL! She said yes, last night all over her. And then she told Lance not to worry – he has a good strong stream. PMSL!!
This was taken this morning…

This afternoon when we got there his eyes were open.  🙂  We got to chat to him for quite a while.  He was making the cutest noises.
We noticed that he had a bandage over his belly button.
Kate arrived, and said “Can you see the difference?”, so we said “yes, the white cord has come out”. She said “Do you know what that means?”.
I said “You don’t need to take more blood? Or give him another transfusion?”
She says “Yes, and…”
I looked at L, and then said “Can I hold him?”

I just clapped when she told me I could. Poor Connor got such a fright. And, yes, we'd left the damn camera at home this afternoon.

We spent the afternoon cuddling him :-).  I was in tears at first.  Both of us were so overwhelmed.  We didn't think we'd be able to do this for at least another day.  He fell asleep as soon as he was in my arms.

At feeding time, I got to change his nappy too!  OK, it was a pooey one, but excellent!!  Then she left us again with the syringe of milk which we gave him through his tube (really just held it and kept topping it up, but still, we fed him!!)

Oh happy days!! 🙂

They’re going to monitor his oxygen levels just with the monitors now, and not by taking blood samples.  They are going to make sure that the one line stays above 92 constantly.  If it does, then he doesn’t need more oxygen and he can come off the machines.  He’s also only going to have one more day of antibiotics now that all the lines have been removed, and then he’ll be drip free!!

Now that wr’ve seen more of him today without so many tubes and with his eyes not so puffy, we’ve realised that he doesn’t look that similar to Bradley.  They have the same feet, and toes, but their faces are quite different.