Lily turned off the oxygen overnight.  I didn't think he was very happy last night when I left with the moisture in the tube, he looked a lot more peaceful this morning without it.
So all he’s attached to now is the feeding tube and the monitors. 🙂
He’s also been dressed :-).  He is SO cosy now with clothes and swaddled in blankets.  The bed heater has been turned off.  Heather was saying this morning that he’s like a different baby now that he’s swaddled.  He’s sleeping for hours at a time now.

I was there for his first bath this morning too!!  They did a demo bath, and I got to dry and dress him.  🙂
He loved it!!  He loved getting his hair washed, and he just sat in the bath in a trance looking at everything around him.  So cute.
The only thing I’m not happy with, is the nappy rash he’s got.  They only change his nappy at feeding time, and if he’s sleeping, they just leave his nappy (but give him milk).  He again had a poo nappy, and the nurse said they’d left him at his last bottle feed because he was sleeping. His bum is RAW!
And they weighed him.  He weighs 2.883kg now.  Heather said it wasn’t bad considering how sick he was.

Anyway, because he’s not really attached to much, they said I could take him to the door to show Bradley. So at 1pm today, he met his brother. He couldn't touch him though or come too close, but still!! 🙂
Connor was sleeping by then.  Bradley looked at him and said “he has small ears”.  And then he started breathing deeply (nearly hyperventilating) to show Connor how to do it.  He just grinned!  I’m so happy that he’s seen him.  It’s all of a sudden real to him.

They’re going to start giving him a bottle tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be long before he’s home, but I think this little munchkin is going to be lazy with the bottle. He likes that feeding tube too much!!