My mom had to pick Bradley up from school at tell him that his brother was about to be born. Lance was frantically trying to pack bags – poor man! He was on the phone every 5 minutes looking for another item on the list (thankfully I’d left it in the house!). He arrived at the hospital at 1pm.

I was due to have the caesar at 3pm, so we’d asked my mom to arrive with Bradley at 4pm. The plan was… according to hospital regulations, the siblings and grandparents can see the baby 10 minutes after birth. All very exciting… not that it worked out 🙁

We got wheeled into the theatre at about 3:20pm to have the spinal done. Boy, was I nervous!! I had such a BAD experience with Bradley’s caesar (I ended up with a scab the size of a R5 coin from the pin pricks to get the needle in). But, this time round, it was a fab experience. The anaethetist, Dr Garrett was amazing!! The needle went in first time!! I think a big part of it, was because he’d let Lance stay with me while they put the needle in.
I just concentrated hard on the music playing in the background.

I hadn’t even had time to choose a CD as was the plan. So Connor was born to radio 94.2 – the song – I wish I was a punkrocker!! Cool song to be born to!!

So, Connor James Verster was born 16 February 2007 at 15:48. He weighed 3kg exactly.
His apgar scores were 8/10 and 8/10. He is exactly 5 weeks prem. Even though he is a good weight, his lungs are not developed completely yet.

I got to hold him in theatre. And that’s the first and the last time I’ve done that so far. 🙁

He was taken straight to NICU, so Bradley hasn’t even seen him yet :-(.