Just got back home from spending the morning with Connor.

He looks so much better today.  He’;s actually pink 🙂
Dr Simmank was there when we got there.  They turned off the blue lights and took his mask off while we were there!  YAY!!!  His billirubin levels are now 8.5.
Overnight, apparently he went a bit wild fighting the ventilator and trying to take the pipes out, so they had to sedate him :-(.  I suppose that is a good sign, because it means he's fighting now.  The pressure is now at 12bpm, but they’ve increased the oxygen to 38%.
The paed was in 2 minds whether to take him off the ventilator today, or leave him for another day, before moving him to a CBAP machine (no idea what that is yet LOL).  So, she decided to leave him just in case.  She explained that there's a fine line between leaving him too long with lines etc as every line in his body is an extra risk of infection :-0.
He was given 40ml's of blood this morning as well.  His BP levels were low.  They explained that it's quite normal because they take so much blood for testing and his body isn't replenishing it fast enough.  After that was over, he looked so good!!  That really made him pink!
She increased his milk to 20ml's every 3 hours.  You can see that he's hungry now :-).  She said we should start seeing improvements now.
He’s really enjoying his dummy now which is also a good sign!
His skin is sooo dry, but they can’t cream it too much under the lights because the it’ll burn his skin.

He absorbed his double feed so well while we were there, and then he just slept holding my hand. Lance still hasn’;t seen him with his eyes open, but experienced the soundless crying for the first time today.  Lance went home to sleep and left me there until they did his physio and suctioning (I couldn’t handle seeing that yet).