Lance took me back to the hospital this evening for an hour.

I snuck another cuddle in :-).  They don’t let you hold the babies between feeding times.  You can only pick them up half an hour before a feed and then the same after a feed.  However, when I looked at him this evening, I noticed that his bed was wet, so they had to change the blankets etc.  It was wet through!  He would’ve slept like that for another 2 hours, because they only move them at feeding time – which is 9pm!
No wonder he was awake when I got there.

Anyway, I got to cuddle him, and within 10 minutes he was sleeping.

This afternoon they took off the last drip :-)!!!  And, the heaters on the bed have been turned off and he’s wrapped in blankets.

I told the nurse (Lily) that there were clothes in his bag, if she wanted to dress him.  I know that he's warm enough because they do check, I just think he'd be cosier in a babygrow now.