We were there for his 2 bottle feeds today.
Dr Simmank said only 2 again today, I really hope she increases it tomorrow.  I want to take him home.

This morning, it went well.  He was sucking a lot better than yesterday.  He had 45mls by bottle.  Before he had it he was actually looking for something to suck.  When we got there, he was sucking his finger, the same one Elaine used to suck!  LMAO!  We’d better find a dummy he likes!

When we left the hospital this morning, we went to Baby City to find a dummy.  Ended up getting a Vital Baby one and a Snookums Honey dummy as they’re the closest to the one the sister is giving him.  She laughed at me this afternoon when I arrived armed with more dummies.
Lance told her that he’d had to stop me buying the other 6 I had in my hand.

This afternoon, I gave him his bottle (first time!!).  He drank the whole thing!!  He sucked so well, and it really didn’t take long.  I think he’s got the hang of it.

The only concern the paed has are with his aspirants.  Before every feed, they syringe the leftover milk out of his tummy through the feeding tube, and check how much it is and what the consistency is.  She told me again today that they use that to determine whether he has any infections or whether there’s something else wrong.  He’s always aspirated quite a bit – and today was no different.  She’s not going to do what they normally do for it – stop feeding and put a drip in, but instead we changed the formula.  She thinks that the proteins in the NAN HA are not agreeing with him, so he’s now on NAN.  I really hope it works.

I don’t think he’ll be home this weekend anymore. 🙁
If we’re lucky he’s;ll be home on Monday, at the rate that she’s pushing his feeds.  I just want him home.  I looked at my siggy on BN today – he’s 1 week and 5 days old.  I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot – I can’t be at the hospital all the time. I want him to come home now.

I realised again today how sick he was.  Basetsana (the baby who was born weighing 1kg and extremely prem) was only on oxygen for 8 days, and Connor was on it for 10.  The other babies that were born around the same time as him, are all very close to going home or have already gone home.