Today was a good day.

When we got there this morning, Dr Simmank was about to see him.  She took him off the ventilator, and onto the CPAP machine, and increased his feeds to 30mls.  Hopefully he’ll only be on the CPAP for 1 or 2 days, and then he might just need the nasal oxygen tubes for a while.
It hit home today how sick he has been.  She said that he's doing very well, “considering how sick he was” :-0.

It was a difficult morning, because he was more awake.  They couldn’t sedate him because they had to remove the pipes.  So he woke up at about 10:30, and we had to try and placate him until 12 when they replaced the machines (we didn't stay for that would've been too traumatic for us).

When we got back to the ICU after lunch, he was hooked up to the CPAP.  🙂  So far so good.  He woke up at 14:30, and when we left at 16:00 to pick up Bradley he was still awake.  It was very hard to leave him while he was awake, but we had to fetch Bradley.
It was the first time Lance has seen his eyes :-).
His eyes are VERY swollen because of the straps around his head now to hold the CPAP tubes in place.  So he can barely open them, but the nurse said that they’ll be fine once he's off the machine.
His voice is very hoarse.  You can see that he gets a bit of a fright when he makes a noise.  LOL sweetie pie.  He hasn’t quite figured out yet that he can make a noise, and he still make soundless cries.  But I’m sure by tomorrow he’ll be screaming the place down 🙂 .
We spent the afternoon talking to him and holding his hands.  He had Lance’s finger in one hand and my finger in the other hand, and he wouldn’t let go :-).
When he got fed at 15:00, the nurse put some of the milk on his dummy for him to taste it.  They are giving him the dummy to suck while the tube is feeding him to get him used to sucking while eating.

Hopefully he has a good night.