They tried to take him off the oxygen this morning, but he wasn’t happy with it, so he’s back on at 22%.  They don’t want to increase it.

His milk has also been increased again to 55mls, which he seems fine with.

I changed his nappy again for his 12pm feed (again a pooey one) – I got wee'd on! LOL!

When I was cuddling him and feeding him, he started gagging.  I got SUCH a fright, but the nurse said the tube might have been a bit short and tickling him, because he settled down again.
His respiratory rate went down to 88 after his milk was finished, and the alarm went off.  When Heather came over a few minutes later, she said that he tends to do that while he digest his food, but they’re not too worried because it’s not too low, and because it goes up again quite quickly they’re not going to increase the oxygen again.  Hope he gets over that, it’s going to scare me shitless if that happens when he gets home.

He was sleeping so nicely while I was cuddling him.  Heather is going to ask Dr Simmank whether they can dress him now and turn the heaters off.  He seems to sleep much better being swaddled. We'll have to see tomorrow.