I also asked the gynae today about breastfeeding.  She reckons I'm going to have the same problem I had before.  Sooooo, I'm not going to put myself through the agony again.  I'll bottlefeed.
One thing that was funny, Loock asked me whether I feel guilty about the caesar, when I told her I wasn't concerned that he hadn't turned yet as I'm booked for the caesar.  Isn't that a laugh!?  Not at all, I'm quite happy with that decision – in fact, I'm worried about my scar so another caesar is just perfect in my mind.  It's the breastfeeding that's an issue for me.

On the way home, I went and got a sterilisation unit :-).  I also got some of the essentials that I was still missing like sheets etc.  
I just need baby towels now on the essentials list, and other little odds and ends.

The contraction story has got me into gear again.
This weekend, I'm going to have to finish the room, and start cleaning clothes and sheets etc.  Just in case.

Oh and, think about packing my bags.  I hadn't planned on doing this next step so early.