The doc put him back on the blue lights, as he was looking a bit yellow.  She didn’t want to test his blood because he’s had so many blood tests lately, she’ll test his billirubin levels again in the morning.  She thinks he’s got jaundice again from the red blood cells he got a few days ago.
She also increased his feeds to 40mls.

It was tough to be there today.  He can’t see with the mask over his eyes (the mask protects his eyes from the blue light).  So, he couldn’t see anything even when he was awake.  It’s terrible.

He seems to have adapted to the CPAP machine quite well.  His oxygen levels are down to 25% at a pressure of 3 now.  We’re hoping that he can come off it tomorrow, but I can see he still needs it at times, so we’ll see.   You can see in the pics below, that the CPAP cap is attached to his head with straps.   It looks a lot worse than the other machine, but it’s less invasive.

I personally don’t think that he’s coping with the 40ml’s of food.  I don’t think she’ll increase it tomorrow again.  The nurse, Kate, said that even though the aspirates (what they remove from his tummy before the next feed – it gets measured to see how much he’s absorbed) are quite high, they have curdled which means his tummy is working.  At least he’s not throwing up.

He has found his voice though :-).  Kate said he was screaming at her this morning.  LOL!!

Hope he’ll have a good night, and we can see his eyes tomorrow.

Some pics taken this morning…

All the machine’s he is attached to today…

Under the lights…