This morning when I went for his 9am feed, the paed pitched, and said that I could take him home if the sister was happy with his next feed. If she wasn’t happy he had to stay another night.

She promptly started discharging him when the doc left. LOL!!! She filled out all the discharge forms with today’s date.
So I quickly rushed home to give Lance the medical aid card so that Bradley could go to the doc – he is quite sick at the moment, which is a worry. Then I went shopping for formula!! LMAO! I didn’t have the right make at home!

I got Connor home at 1:30pm. Bradley was over the moon.

He has spent the afternoon reading to “his baby” and singing to him. We are trying not to let Bradley get close to him because he’s sick, but it’s not easy.

When my mom and dad arrived to see Connor, they got shown “his baby”, and his room etc. Bradley is being so sweet about it.

Finally my parents were able to hold him! My mom took LOADS of pics. More than normal, if that’s possible.