My baby is 2 weeks old today.

He saw a new paed this morning (Dr Simmank is away for the weekend).

His tube was removed finally!  So now he’s on SOS (suck or starve).  It’s all up to him now.  They’re not even going to wake him up for feeds.  Oh my word!  I really hope he drinks.
We were there when the tube and the last plasters were taken off his face.  My poor sausage.  It’s the first time I’ve really seen him upset.  His face is raw now.

If all goes well we can take him home Sunday or Monday.

And, there’s a new nurse looking after him who kept asking me what the routine was.    Hole schmo, hope he’s going to be OK.  I’ll go back this afternoon for his 3pm feed – that’s if he wakes up.