Now that life is back to normal and Connor is now a normal baby, it's unbelievable how fast we have put all the drama of the last month behind us.

Yesterday I went to the BN farewell, and tonight, Sally posted a message on BN thanking everyone for being there.  This is what she posted as a message to me…
“Jeanette- what an honor to have gotten to meet little Connor who had to start life fighting. You looked so relaxed, i am so glad that chapter is over for you and hope he brings you so much joy ”

That part about him having to start life fighting has really got me all teary tonight.  We just got through each day at the time and we couldn't really think about it.  We were in autopilot mode.  
He did have to start life fighting.  

I haven't really thought about why this happened, and the doctors never really said anything, not that I asked.  He sure didn't want to come out so early, he was quite happy in my tummy and not distressed at all.

My greatest fear is that I caused it somehow.

My mom tells everyone it's because of stress.  Well, I didn't really have that much stress.  I deliberately didn't get too involved in anything at work because of my pregnancy, so it wasn't that.  Who knows??