It’s a place of extreme emotions.  Either very sad, or joyous.

There is a little girl in NICU with Connor, B.  She is 1 month old today.  I don’t know how prem she was at birth, but she weighed 1.03kg.  She now weighs 1.228kg, she’s going to be there for a very long time, a couple of months at least.  She’s been doing quite well until now.   Yesterday, when I was feeding Connor her heart rate started going ballistic – was hitting 214.  They couldn’t get it down, she was vomitting too.  when they checked her aspirants, they found blood.
So, they put her back on a drip and stopped her feeds.  It wasn’t pleasant to see.  This morning when we got there, she’s been moved back to a flat bed (she was in a closed incubator).  The sister told us she’s more stable today.  Poor little mite.  She’s such a fighter.
I felt so desperately sorry for the mother (who was there while this all took place yesterday).

Yet, the other day when one of the babies went home, I was almost in tears I was so happy for the mom.  She was also a long-termer.

And yesterday too, a mom brought her baby in to show the sisters.  She weighed 500g at birth.  She’s now 8 mths old and weighs 5.6kg.  Tiny little thing.