I didn't get him weighed today as it's a public holiday and the clinic is closed, so I'll just skip this week.

We tried to move Connor onto NAN HA yesterday morning. My reason:  It's supposedly the best milk on the market and because of Bradley's asthma and ecsema we though it best for Connor, and the paed said at our last appointment that we could change him now .  
Anyway, by mid morning today his reflux got VERY bad.  The milk is just too rich for him.  He wasn't even able to finish one bottle.
So this afternoon, we moved him back to NAN.  

Early this morning while we were still lazing in bed, Connor gave Lance a big smile!  The first one Lance has got from him 🙂
I still have to capture it on camera though.

Connor is really strong now too.  We don't need to support his neck anymore.  And if you put him on his tummy when he's awake he lifts his head up quite easily – mostly because of the winds though 🙂

And as for sleeping…  He's gone backwards the last 2 nights because of the formula palava!  So hopefully tonight will be better.

And sleeping position… He's sleeping on his tummy more and more now.  It's the only way that he sleeps for long periods of time.  I know that it's against all the books and experts, but the paed suggested it at his checkup as she could see that he was more comfortable lying like that.  She said that he's unlikely to suffocate because he'll move his head to the side automatically.
We do use the Angel monitor at night though, just in case.  Even though he's still sleeping in a campcot in our room.