If he's watching me when I'm eating, Connor copies the action of chewing.  It's so adorable to watch.

And, he's blowing raspberries!  He does it on his own when he “talks”, but if you do it, he eventually copies it too.

I'm taking him on Thursday to have his hands and feet imprinted in terracotta, like I did with Bradley at 4 mths.  It'll be interesting to compare them.

As for other development, he's not rolling yet, and is not even close!  I actually think it's because he's bundled in so many layers at the moment because it's so cold.  
This afternoon I took his socks off while he was on the playmat, because it was quite warm in the lounge.  He loved it!!  He really enjoyed touching and kicking things with his barefeet and he went moggy like he does in the bath.  I'll have to really do it everyday, as I think it'll help his rolling.  Should be fine if I do it in the lounge with the underfloor heating on.  It's too damn cold at the moment to do it anywhere else.