Yesterday I came across the Names database again (I was googling someone and saw the link).  Anyway, I decided to look at my old school and see who was listed.
There on the list was someone who I was very good friends with in high school, and it had her married name, not just her maiden name (which is all I knew).

So, using that, I did a search on Facebook, and lo and behold, there she was.  So, I sent her a message hoping it was the right person.
I got an answer today!!  It's her!!!  How amazing.  Facebook is a powerful database!  Frightening actually, how much info it has.  If it closes (as might be the case because of the court case in the US), what's going to happen to that data?

Anyhoo, how damn exciting!  So, hopefully sometime soon I'll meet her for coffee.  Now that I have access to her profile on FB I can definitely see it's her, she hasn't changed much.   

Now, if I could only find Debbie and Lorna!