I have something new to go hunting for… a dog!!
YAY!  I have finally got Lance to agree that a dog a good idea for the boys 🙂  Well, he might be just tired of saying no – I can be very pushy…  hee hee!

I got an email yesterday about the cutest puppy looking for a home, and he agreed that we should see if its available.  But, it had already found a home by the time I phoned today.  So, now I’m going to look for a doggy!!
No clues what to get though… maybe a jack russell?  or a golden retriever? We’ll see…
Maybe we should get one for Bradley from Father Xmas this year.  hmmm… that’s an idea.
Oooh, and then, once we have a dog, I think I’ll start working on changing his mind about a kitten.  LOL!

Got to starting hunting for Xmas too.  It’s not that far away anymore, and the shops are already selling Xmas goodies.