Connor hasn’t been well since he had the jabs last week. He’s been coughing, had a runny nose etc etc and the last straw was the diarrhea that started yesterday.  Sooo, I bundled him off to the doctor this morning.

I took him back to Dr Simmank, his original paed.  And I have renewed faith in her, so I’ll be taking him back there.

She didn’t prescribe antiobiotics!  She says he’s got an upper respiratory infection again, so he’s on cortisone and a ventolin pump.  I could kick myself, I always forget about the ventolin, and it’s the first thing the doctors prescribe now.  I’ve got some at home with the inhaler, I really need to remember to give it to him to stop him cough!  And he’s on hydrol and some other stuff for the diarrhea.  Hope it works. 

He’s actually quite cheerful though, he’s not sickly IYKWIM?  It’s just his cough that’s bad.

Remember I posted about the JP Morgan Challenge a few weeks ago… well it’s on Thursday… and guess what… I’ve done less than no training.  This is going to be FUN! 🙂  I’m sure that walking through malls regularly will get me through it… there’s no way I’m attempting to run it anyway.

I got my goodie bag today from the company, with my T-shirt and some other stuff. So now I’m set…. well kindof… I don’t possess shorts!  LOL!   Guess I’d better make a plan tomorrow at lunchtime to go shopping, hey?

Oh and internet peeps… don’t forget to wear pink tomorrow 😉