While we were chatting in the office this evening, one of the ladies found an old wooden 50cm ruler on someones desk. We started talking about what everyone remembers about this ruler.

And everyone in the office has the same recollection!  Frightening, considering all of us in the office went to school in the Apartheid era (for at least part of our schooling).  All of us, and I mean all… white, black, coloured and indian clearly remember being hit with rulers exactly the same as this.

And all of us remember being hit over the knuckles with the ruler being upright (iow, not flat).

I went to primary school at Boskop Primary School which is a dual medium school (both English and Afrikaans).  I clearly remember being hit by my blond Afrikaans teacher for speaking in English in class.

Absolutely frightening what memories that simple object can conjure up.