I went to a Mothers Day picnic at Bradley’s school this morning.  Bradley was so excited that I could come… I took some time off work to go.  My mom volunteered to go, if there was a problem, but I felt that I should make the effort, and I’m very glad I did.

All the moms and kids had a picnic on the lawn in the playground and had a good ‘ole chat.  I felt very sorry for the kids whose mommies didn’t make it.  There were quite a lot of kids without mommies there.  The teachers had told the kids that they were their school mommies, but you could see that they were sad. 

The one little girl was clutching her lunchbox and juice bottle and wandering aimlessly amongst the mommies on their blankets looking so sad and dejected.  Poor kid.

Oh and when I arrived at the school, Bradley greeted me with his school bag – quite ready to come home with me.  And the teachers were only too happy that the kids left early. LOL!  So eventually when I left, I took him with me to work.

And OMW, I take my hat off to WAHM’s.  I don’t know how they get anything done.  Bradley was quiet for 5 minutes and then he was asking something or I had to find him something else to do.  At the end of the afternoon he was randomly typing on my keyboard… which is extremely annoying … I was trying desperately to finish something before we left (needless to say, I have to do it this weekend now).