I attended the Microsoft Mix event held at Monte Casino today, and I learnt such cool stuff! OK, granted, I wasn’t enamoured by all the speakers, but I was blown away by some of the things they showed us. It wasn’t new to a lot of the people in the audience, and I had actually heard of most of them, but hadn’t realised the power of the tools until today.

We went to find out more about Silverlight because we’re starting to develop in it, and the BA team want to start designing screens in Essentials. I have seen some good examples of websites using it before, but I was blown away today by one.

Check out Hard Rock’s memoribilia site…   you just need to load Silverlight on your machine, but I promise it’s worth it.

They used Deep Zoom to develop it, which is incredible.  Read the navigation tip before using the site, then zoom into any part of the page, it’ll just keep going and going deeper and deeper into the photos.  It’s WOW.

The presenter gave us a tip, type V on the photo.  The page will take you to a Beatles memoribilia piece, and then zoom out, and keep zooming out!  I promise you it’s worth it to try it out!

Oooh and try this one out too… it’s a Virtual Earth app built with Deep Zoom

Just click on a part of the map and use your scroll wheel to zoom in.  It’s absolutely AMAZING!

We learnt about other cool stuff too, but I need to sleep 🙂  I’ll blog about that another day