Don’t you hate it when you go shopping with all the intentions of going BIG, and then you can’t find anything that you really want to buy?

It drives me mad!!

The only thing I managed to accomplish this weekend was ordering a big boy bed for Connor… which now arrives on Wednesday, but I can’t find any linen that I like!! (We’ve decided that it’s time Connor moved to a big bed, he needs more space now. Bradley was in a big bed by 16 mths too)

My problem is partly due to the kids who are insane to try and shop with at the moment! Between Connor screaming on top of his voice if the stroller stays still for too long, and Bradley whining to get new toys or a juice or chips constantly, it’s slightly impossible to think… let alone browse!

I’m seriously thinking of taking a day off this week, because it’s my birthday on thursday, and I hate working on my birthday. I really want to go to a spa or just a facial and have some me-time.
And I haven’t bought a present for Jeanette from Jeanette yet!! And that’s a prerequisite for any birthday in my books 🙂 Maybe a bottle of perfume, or a new handbag, or a new pair of shoes is in order