Bradley has been on a roll this week with cute conversations… here’s another one.

I phoned Lance at home last night as I was about to leave the office, and Bradley grabbed the phone to talk to me.  This is what was so important that it couldn’t wait until I got home.

Bradley:  “I emptied out my money box and I’m going to give you and dad some money”

Me: “Really”

Bradley: “I’m going to give Daddy 5 moneys and you 10 moneys”

Me: “Why, my boy, we don’t need it, you can keep it”

Bradley: “But Mommy, you need the “rand” to buy me a “lectric” blanket because my sheets are cold!”

Clearly he’s been cold at night. 🙂

This makes me feel guilty on two levels.  Firstly because he’s been cold at night even though he has a wall heater on all night, and secondly, because I’ve taken so long to get him one that he thinks it’s a money issue… and I’ve been trying to get him to understand that he can’t have everything he wants all the time.