I did this a few weeks ago, and I’ve decided that I need to do it more often.

I learnt these very random things yesterday at my parent’s house when we went there for a braai (bbq).

1. Connor is a very sweet soul… at times… he was very eager to give his cousin Erin any toy she wanted to play with. Saying that though, I know that he’s not a push over like Bradley was/is… he’ll stand his ground eventually.

2. Carl (my brother) prefers to use his aperture setting on his Nikon, than the full manual setting. Makes sense for now, but I want to figure out how to adjust the exposure and the aperture settings on my camera – I can’t work it out at the moment.

3. My parents are going to Columbia next year for a wedding. How cool is that?!! I’d love to go there!

4. Carl is entering the Master’s Cup of Photography again (he was a finalist last year in the Photo Journalism section). But, he’s stopped going to camera club for the same reasons that the one commenter noted on my photoblog yesterday… it’s too hierachical and the same people get the awards all the time. We’ll have to see whether the camera club Fiona and I have joined is the same.

5. The refugee camps on the East Rand are the biggest in Jo’burg (from the Xenophobia attacks). One houses 15000 people and another 25000 people. I didn’t realise they were so big.

6. There’s a new refugee camp that was being erected with UNICEF tents in the grounds of the Boksburg Fire Dept this weekend. Apparently even the mayor didn’t know about it! My SIL’s friend lives on the property. Quite right so, the residents are up in arms. I would be too! Yes, I feel desperately sorry for the refugees, but there have been so many reports of violence in the camps in the last few weeks… and the firepeople don’t have proper security on their houses! It’s going to be a disaster! They’re expecting 1800 people… and have only supplied 5 portaloos! 5 loos for that many people!! It’s a recipe for disaster!

7. And back to nicer stuff… Elaine (my sister) has got 3 distinctions so far for her mid-year results in her honours year!! She’s too damn clever!

8. Some of the car manufacturers have graduate trainee programmes that looks fantastic!! Hope my sister can get into one of the car programmes like she wants to, when she finishes her studies at the end of the year.

9. The best kind of lunch = braaied steak and wors with salad and garlic bread! And the best part… spending the time with family!

Don’t you love the way that conversations ramble between the arb and more serious stuff.

Oh and then, I learnt this last night….

You remember that friend of mine that was attacked in her home at the end of last year? Well, there was an intruder on her property last night!! I can’t believe it! She’s got lazer beams in the garden, electric fencing and a house alarm now… and someone still managed to get to their kitchen door without setting anything off!!
Scary shit! I can’t imagine how they’re feeling tonight. Hope their kids sleep OK!