This is also related to crime actually, it’s playing on my mind a bit (crime, that is).

I get regular emails from our community policing forum informing the community about crime in the area and what to look out for etc.  It’s normally quite depressing to read, no, I lie, it’s always depressing to read.

Anyway, I got an email from them a few days ago saying that there was another house break in the area last Saturday and that they could now confirm that the perpetrators were driving a white bakkie (like a truck).  This particular vehicle has been linked to a number of break-ins recently, especially during the day and once they get into the house they tie the domestic worker up  (maid), and then ransack the place. Anyhoo, in this email, they said that all residents must be warned to be on the lookout, and that the bakkie is being driven by a white man and a black man.

Yesterday morning, I told Beauty this story (the domestic worker that looks after Connor during the day).  And told her to be careful etc etc.

The thing about this story is that it’s damn easy for a white guy to gain access to a property if he’s in a bakkie.  All he has to do is pretend that he’s a plumber or electrician etc, and because he has a black “helper” too, domestics who don’t know better will let them in!! 

What I found funny was that we both had such different opinions about this bakkie.  I felt/feel that the white guy is the one organising the whole thing and the black dude is there to help out.  She immediately said that she thought the black guy was organising the whole thing to make it easier to gain access, and hired the white guy!

LOL!  It’s so funny how differently we view life.