My little fearless warrior son, Connor, is afraid of one thing in this world. And that’s cats!

I thought about this the other day when someone on a mothers forum posted a question asking what your child is scared of. He’s definitely not afraid of heights or speed or anything like that… in fact the more dangerous the better for him. In fact, he’s already trying to walk down staircases (ie not backwards or on his bum) – bear in mind he’s only 16 months old!

But cats, that’s a no no.

He just has to see one to start screaming. LOL! And I think I’m making it worse because I’ve started feeding a stray cat that’s decided our garden is a haven. Everytime he sees it he screams and runs for cover.
The cat of course, is not interested at all, which is typical. LOL!

It’s so bad, that the other evening we were watching a program on TV and a home video of a cat came on… he screamed and performed so much that we had to change the channel!

LOL! Hope he grows out of it soon 🙂