Dirty Face

I thought I’d write down more of Connor’s antics. He’s exhausting. He just doesn’t stop, the entire weekend is just all about running after him and watching that he doesn’t hurt himself, or someone else!

This is what he got up to this weekend… and this weekend alone!
1. Found him running through the house on Friday evening with a pair of sharp scissors, which he’d got by dragging a stool to a drawer (which is above his head height!) and reaching blindly inside for something interesting to play with!  Needless to say, all the knives and scissors have now been put in drawers above my head height!

2.  Our drains blocked on Saturday again, so Lance tried to fix them instead of getting a plumber out.  Very wisely, the man left the drain cover open… it took less than 5 minutes for Connor to find the open hole when I tried to put him in the car to go shopping.  I found him with his hands down the pipe… yuck… full of sewage!!  Man, did I struggle to get that smell off his hands!

3.  On Saturday at Jason’s party, he climbed to the top of the MASSIVE jungle gym and then teased us by moving backwards and forwards, closer and closer to the open ends!  I think he thought Sue and I were trying to chase him, but we were trying to coax him down safely.  Eventually I managed to get him down off the one side. 

4.  Also at Jason’s party, he followed the bigger kids to the trampoline and by the time I went to check on him, he was holding the springs in his hands, while the bigger kids jumped!!  He could have lost a finger, or more!

5.  Saturday night we went to Marlise for dinner (Madi and her family was there too).  We bathed the girls and Connor first… and then the older boys went for a bath.  Bear in mind, that Connor’s clothes were completely filthy from the earlier party (see pic above for explanation).  Next thing we hear an absolute commotion down the passage… and go in to see Connor in the bath with his pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers!  Oh and not forgetting the pizza… dripping and soggy in his hands!  LOL, Marlise hauls him out and starts drying him… and he just carries on eating!  Much to the disgust of the other boys because now there’s soggy pizza floating in the bath 🙂

6.  Then yesterday afternoon, he walked around the house to the carport (he’s not normally allowed there so the gardener had left things there)… and found a paintbrush… still covered in wood treatment chemical that we’d use to treat the wooden beams outside (Creushout?  Not sure of the spelling).  OMW what a mission to get off his hands!  Thankfully Lance found a industrial cleaning liquid in the garage, and I used that and a scrubbing brush to get it off…. and I had to throw his t-shirt away.

I can’t think of more, but I’m sure there was!